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Food containers & organising

As well as sealing in the taste, our food storage containers keep everything tidy and easier to find, so you can concentrate on the cooking. See-through sides or lids also let you tell at a glance when you need to re-stock. And when you turn yesterday’s leftovers into today’s lunchtime treat, seeing what you have in the fridge means you throw away less food (and money).

Store, save and bring food on-the-go, browse:
Plastic containers, Glass containers 

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Reusable snack bags, renewable materials

Easy to open and close with the strap, put your favourite snack in the bag and bring it with you to school, work or on a day out.

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See more lunch bag

Charming glass jars for storing and serving

These patterned glass jars are aroma-tight, great for preserving food. They keep the contents fresh and can help prevent any strong aromas inside from reaching your other foods. Store homemade jams and jellies and serve straight from the jars, they’ll look great on your table.

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A SKALA tray in birch holding four KORKEN jars with lids, one patterned in light beige, the other three patterned in red.
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