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Design and Quality: the answer to each IKEA product

What makes each product IKEA? We focus on the design and quality of every product — and make them affordable for the many people.

Hear our designers share their ideas, inspirations and values in developing eight unique products: BRÖNDEN | BURVIK | FRÖSET | HAVSTEN | KALLAX | RÖNNINGE | STARKVIND | SYMFONISK

A collage of the eight featured products in their close-up shots: BRÖNDEN rug, BURVIK Side table, FRÖSET Easy chair, HAVSTEN Armchair, KALLAX Shelving unit, RÖNNINGE Chair, STARKVIND Table with air purifier, and the SYMFONISK Speaker lamp with Wi-Fi.

BRÖNDEN Rug: The beauty and importance of hand-crafted design

A blend of several weaves create this vibrant pattern with plenty of texture and character. Each BRÖNDEN rug is handwoven by skilled craftspeople and therefore a unique work of art in pure wool. Shop now

BURVIK Side table: the Swiss Army knife of tables

The BURVIK side table is lovely throughout the home and easy to lift, so you can rearrange your living space whenever you feel like it. Enjoy every moment with all your favourite things close at hand, for it's always there for you. Shop now

FRÖSET Easy chair: Geometry was never this ​comfortable

Carved with the utmost precision, the FRÖSET chair is love at first sight. Its clean Scandinavian lines and airy expression create a comfortable seat and timeless look, that only gets better with each passing year. Smart production minimises environmental impact and price – and maximises accessibility! Shop now

HAVSTEN Armchair: Built for the outdoors, also plays well indoors

Generous seats, fluffy cushions as well as elastic mesh fabric make the sofa comfortable. Create your own combination, sit back and relax. The HAVSTEN is a chair that moulds itself to your body, so you never want to get up. If you like the look, try how it feels. Shop now

KALLAX Shelving unit: Great design that thinks inside the box 

Hang it on the wall or stand it on the floor – the KALLAX series adapts to your needs. Smooth surfaces and rounded corners give a quality feel and you can personalise the unit with inserts and boxes. All while looking oh so good. ​Shop now

RÖNNINGE Chair: A dining chair that's also for public spaces

Made from materials that don't sweat our humidity, the RONNINGE is designed to look and feel as good as it did when you first bought it. The straightforward design, rooted in chairs of the ’50s and ’60s, fits almost anywhere. Shop now

STARKVIND Table with air purifier: Looks good, does better

Meet STARKVIND, the side table that won the Red Dot Award 2022 for being both smart and beautiful. Both a side table and an air purifier that improves your indoor air quality. STARKVIND can be adjusted manually, set to auto mode, or connected to the DIRIGERA hub via our IKEA Home smart app. Shop now

SYMFONISK Speaker lamp with Wi-Fi: Soft lighting never sounded so beautiful

Wifi speaker with 180-degree sound and a lamp base in one makes sound blend into the home. Choose between a white or black speaker and complement it with a glass or textile lamp shade. Then enjoy the sound – a collaboration between IKEA and Sonos! Shop now

Delve deeper into our inspirations

Get inspired with ideas, tips and room galleries for all your home furnishing needs. From how-tos and home furnishing knowledge to decor ideas, we hope you find inspiration to make your everyday life at home better. #MakeHomeCountIKEA

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