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IKEA Home Smart

Smart lighting makes your life easier

You can turn on the lights before you get up in the morning. Or dim them to set the mood without leaving your sofa. And that’s just the start. Smart lighting is an easy way to an easier life.

In a dark bedroom, a SIMRISHAMN table lamp which is lit stands next to a bed which has dark blue PUDERVIVA bed linen.
A white TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer lies on a wooden floor partially on top of a mobile phone in a wallet case.
A dark speaker hangs on a wall. A light coloured speaker sits on a box, laying against the wall. White covered books are in shelves.

Sound so good you won’t even know it’s there

A SYMFONISK picture frame with WiFi speaker blends seamlessly into your surroundings. With an interchangeable front panel, there is a smart speaker to sync with every taste and personality.

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Be more sustainable in your everyday life. Start small, start here.

At IKEA we care about the planet and people. Here are some products that are made of sustainable materials or that can help you make your everyday life more sustainable.

How to save energy and water at home

Every day, a home might waste many litres of fresh water – and let energy fly out of the window. But there’s no need to flush your money down the drain. You can look at your household habits in a different way to both cut your utility bills and to reduce the strain on precious resources.

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Breathe cleaner air

STARKVIND air purifiers help filter the air from dust, pollen and other airborne allergens and can help clean the air in rooms up to 20 metres² in size.

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In a bedroom, a white floor model STARKVIND air purifier with grey fabric front plate is on the floor by the bed.
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Information about the IKEA Home smart system for controlling lighting, blinds, speakers and more in a smart home.

Experience IKEA Home smart. Today and every day.

See, hear, feel. Imagine your home connected just like your senses.

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IKEA Home Smart

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IKEA Collections

What’s new at IKEA? A lot. Always. Expect to find collections that are very different, but always have one thing in common – they make your everyday life better.

It’s never too late to get organised

Storage doesn’t have to be unsightly. At IKEA, you’ll find storage solutions that not only look beautiful, but are easy to customise to fit any (and every) purpose. Click to find how our storage can work for you.

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Explore ideas to kick-start your next project, find solutions to common home furnishing challenges and browse inspirational content of our range in action.

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