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IKEA Home Smart

SYMFONISK speaker and wall panel as a decorative addition above a sideboard next to a television mounted on the wall.

    Sound made beautiful with IKEA Home Smart

    SYMFONISK wall panel with WiFi speaker makes sound a new form of art, literally. In partnership with Sonos, we combine the best of two worlds to make high quality sound not just music to your ears, but also a treat for your eyes. 

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    Experience what a smart home could do for you

    Smart products are a great complement to everyday life at home. Use the demonstrator to experience our smart solutions in action and learn more about how smart products can work in harmony with the home.

    Step into a smart home
      STARVIND air purifier with DIRIGERA hub and SYMFONISK wall panel speaker.
        Step into a smart home

          A smarter life for everyone

          Adding the brand new DIRIGERA hub to your smart home, you get even more functions and digital features from your smart products, and you are in full control via the IKEA Home smart app.

          DIRIGERA hub, IKEA Home smart light bulbs with SYMFONISK bookcase speaker with handphone.

            Kickstart your IKEA Home Smart journey

            Need support for IKEA Home Smart? When you improve the IQ of your home, life itself runs a bit smoother as well. Discover more guides and support for all your IKEA smart home products. 

            Get support for IKEA home smart
            SOLKLINT table lamp with TRÅDFRI remote and gateway on display shelf

              Control light with IKEA Home Smart

              Switch on or off, dim and change colours as required. With full control in the palm of your hand with the TRÅDFRI gateway and controller, life can be so much easier. 

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              Smarter and easier - with IKEA Home Smart 

              We lower prices where we can

              We know many people are feeling the pinch right now. To help you get the most from your home, we work hard every day to keep our prices as low as possible for you.

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              Affordable air that's cleaner for healthier living

              STARKVIND air purifiers help filter dust, pollen and other allergens from the air. Make your air cleaner with smarter controls from your mobile phone with the IKEA Home Smart technology!

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              VINDRIKNING air quality sensor next to LIVBOJ wireless charger on table in front of decorative plants and wine glasses.
                Dark grey STARKVIND air purifier  in living room setting in front of BILLY bookcase next to sofa.
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                    Electric blinds under your control

                    Make your blinds go up when its time to get out of bed, and go down when its time to snooze. With easy controls from a remote or your mobile phone, getting just the right amount of sunlight in the room has never been easier.

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                    Discover energy efficient and long-lasting SOLHETTA LED bulbs

                    Discover energy efficient and long-lasting SOLHETTA LED bulbs

                    The SOLHETTA LED bulbs will last approximately 25 000 hours and they are 35% more energy efficient than previous IKEA LED bulbs. Saving energy has never been more convenient – or more affordable.

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