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Did you know? You can take home most of our products today with IKEA Singapore, and enjoy them straightaway.

Smart home products

Life at home, a little bit smarter

Switch on, switch off, tune in, breathe out. Life is good when things flow effortlessly, and you feel more in control of and can enjoy those everyday moments. Explore the wonders of our smart home devives and apps.

Moible phone with the IKEA homesmart app sending wifi signals to a DIRIGERA hub, and linked to a SYMFONISK speaker, a STARKVIND air purifier, a TRADFRI lightbulb with remote, and a TREDANSEN smart blinds.
Man holding mobile phone with the IKEA Home Smart app showing on the screen. A DIRIGERA hub is displayed on the table in front.

Better sleep at your fingertips

A speaker playing soft music, cosy lighting, electric blinds that block out light from the street, an air purifier for cleaner air… With IKEA smart home products, you can set the mood in your bedroom to sleep-friendly at the touch of a button.

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A KLEPPSTAD bed stands in front of a window with a TREDANSEN block-out cellular blind and ANNAKAJSA room darkening curtains.
A hand holding a RODRET wireless dimmer/power switch at a lit lamp placed on a white table and next to a framed poster.
A VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor stands on top of some books on top of a wooden box beside a glass and a mug in a corner.
A lit SYMFONISK speaker lamp with Wi-Fi stands beside a window with two FYRTUR block-out roller blinds in a dark room.
Two books and a vase with flowers stand on top of a stained oak veneer/white STARKVIND table with air purifier.
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Affordable air thats cleaner for healthier living

Want better air quality at home? STARKVIND air purifiers help filter dust, pollen and other allergens from the air and its also easy to move around with the integrated handle, designed to blend into the room. Control these smart air purifiers with the IKEA home smart system. 

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STARKVIND air purifier with coffee table in living room next to JATTEBO modular sofa
Video: Video of STARKVIND air purifier, showing layers of air purification.
STARKVIND air purifier with filter being removed.
STARKVIND air purifier in bedroom on floor ontop of rug next to IDANAS dark brown bedframe.
STARKVIND air purifier coffee table in living room next to LANDSKRONA sofa with a dog sitting on top of it.
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Protect yourself against bad air quality

When air quality is in the unhealthy range, those who are more vulnerable would experience more respiratory symptoms such as cough, wheezing and shortness of breath. This could be your child, your elderly parents, your pregnant wife or those with heart diseases. 

Our STARKVIND standalone air purifiers and STARKVIND table with air purifier (which won the Red Dot award in 2022), are designed to give you better indoor air quality, purifying the air in a space of up to 20 square metres. Pair it with our air quality sensors, so that you get better air (and better peace of mind) at home.

VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor with LED screen showing different air quality readings on a stack of books in the home.
Air quality sensors like VINDSTYRKA check the air quality by monitoring harmful particles (PM2.5), temperature, relative humidity and total Volatile Organic Compounds (tVOC) in your home.
Lady using one hand to remove and replace white STARKVIND air purifier filter piece from air purifier.
The STARKVIND particle filter is optimised to filter away approximately 99.5% of smaller airborne particles, and can be used together with the gas filter.

When sound looks good

Ready for the perfect mix of sound quality and style? We partnered up with Sonos to create SYMFONISK, a series of WiFi speakers that brings together the best of two worlds. Light up the room and listen.

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White and grey SYMFONISK lamp speaker on a NORDKISA bedside table with VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor and other items.
SYMFONISK bookcase speaker placed on a EKENABBEN shelf with other items neatly stacked next to a TERTIAL lamp.
SYMFONISK table lamp in black on a UPPLOV cabinet next to a SVENSAS memo board.
SYMFONISK wall panel speaker next to a VILBORG curtain framing a window in the living room.
Video: Video on SYMFONISK wall panel speaker.
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Uninterrupted music, throughout the home

WiFi streams music, podcasts and radio from your network instead of your phone or tablet, so there’s no annoying interruptions from notifications or phone calls. It’s smart and easy, and you don’t miss a beat.

Grouping two identical SYMFONISK speakers in the same room to create a wider stereo experience gives the impression of sound heard from various directions with depth, perspective, and space just like you get with natural hearing.
BESTA storage cabinet in living room with two SYMFONISK WiFi speakers on top.

Control light with IKEA Home Smart

Switch on or off, dim and change colours as required. Explore smart light bulbs which are smart home compatible and pair your lamps with your controller for full control in the palm of your hand with the DIRIGERA gateway and controller. Life can be so much easier with smart lighting in the home. 

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Video: Video with TRADFRI lightbulb turning on and off in different colour tones.
A black SKURUP table lamp stands on top of a PLOGFARA storage organiser box on top of a HAUGA sideboard storage cupboard. On the display shelf, there are also some other decorative items, and a TRÅDFRI shortcut control button.
STYRRBAR remote control for TRÅDFRI lightbulbs on a table.
SKYDRAG integrated lighting in a PAX wardrobe, with clothes neatly hung on the clothes rail with BUMERANG hangers. Several STUK clothes organiser boxes can also be seen stacked on top of the wardrobe.
JAKOBSYN glass pendant lampshade on top of OMBONAD dining table set with chairs. A TRÅDFRI lightbulb is installed in the pendant light, and a woman holding a styrbar remote control is pointing the remote at the light. Several FISKBO photo frames are seen behind the dining set with poster art.
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Look to the light, even in the dark

With integrated lighting for spaces like the kitchen, bathroom and your wardrobe, we're here to shine a light on your dark spaces. Looking for an aesthetic lift to your home space? You can also accentuate everything in your home; from pictures and books, to clothes and storage.

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MITTLED integrated lighting in itchen drawer lighted to show a tray of utensils in the drawer.
SKYDRAG integrated lighting in a child's bedroom installed in a HAUGA clothes wardrobe.
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Electric blinds under your control

Up or down? It's entirely up to you. Blinds can provide a modern look to your room and also help to keep the heat and sunlight out with black-out functions. Paired with the IKEA Home Smart system, use easy controls from a remote or your mobile phone to get just the right amount of sunlight in the room.

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TREDANSEN smart blinds in bedroom with hand holding out remote control
Video: Video of TREDANSEN smart blinds being controlled by a woman in bed.
FYRTUR electric smart blind at a window which is halfway let down.
PRAKTLYSING smart blinds at a window with cushions and a throw laid out below it.
FYRTUR smart blind in room at a window, with a person's hand holding a smartphone and controlling the blinds.
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