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We believe great home furnishings should be affordable for the many. So when we design a product, we create the price tag first. This means we pay special attention to the materials we choose and keep waste to a minimum. It's that simple.

Affordable storage solutions for every home

Maximise your storage opportunity in every corner of your home with these storage fixes. Our wide range of storage options will help you create clutter-free living spaces quickly and effortlessly.

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Living room wall with many BURHULT wall racks mounted on a white wall, with decorative items and books stacked neatly on them. A BAGGEBO display cabinet with glass door stands below these shelves, next to a LENNART drawer system and a BAGGEBO cabinet with doors.
Black KNARREVIK bedside table next to a black metal FYESDAL bedframe in a bedroom setting.
Two VESKEN black trolley racks side by side in the kitchen with condiments in IKEA 365+glass jars stored neatly on the racks.
TIGERFINK mesh children toy storage showing several BLAVINGAD sof toys stored inside.
PARKLA underbed storage bag with orange zips showing clothing items neatly folded and kept inside below a bed frame.
Shop our lowest price storage items

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More optionsBENGTA Block-out curtain, 1 length 210x250 cm

BENGTA Block-out curtain, 1 length, blue, 210x250 cmBENGTA Block-out curtain, 1 length, light green, 210x250 cm

More optionsÅGOTNES Foam mattress 90x200 cm

ÅGOTNES Foam mattress, firm/light blue, 150x200 cmÅGOTNES Foam mattress, firm/light blue, 80x200 cm

More optionsTIPHEDE Rug, flatwoven 120x180 cm

TIPHEDE Rug, flatwoven, black/natural, 155x220 cm

More optionsVESKEN Trolley 54x18x71 cm

VESKEN Trolley, black, 54x18x71 cm

More optionsKNARREVIK Bedside table 37x28 cm

KNARREVIK Bedside table, bright blue, 37x28 cm

More optionsTRÄDKRASSULA Duvet cover and pillowcase 150x200/50x80 cm

TRÄDKRASSULA Duvet cover and 2 pillowcases, white/blue, 240x220/50x80 cmTRÄDKRASSULA Duvet cover and 2 pillowcases, white/blue, 200x200/50x80 cm

More optionsVESKEN Shelf unit 37x23x101 cm

VESKEN Shelf unit, white, 37x23x101 cm

More optionsGLOSTAD 2-seat sofa

GLOSTAD 2-seat sofa, Knisa medium blue

More optionsHYLLIS Shelving unit 60x27x140 cm

HYLLIS Shelving unit, in/outdoor, 60x27x74 cmHYLLIS Shelving unit, in/outdoor, 40x27x183 cm

More optionsHYLLIS Shelving unit with cover 60x27x74 cm

HYLLIS Shelving unit with cover, transparent, 60x27x140 cm

More optionsBYMOTT Curtains, 1 pair 120x250 cm

BYMOTT Curtains, 1 pair, white/light grey striped, 120x250 cm

More optionsFLINTAN Office chair with armrests

FLINTAN Office chair with armrests, beige
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