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    You can pay for your online order at in different ways.

    When you pay for the products in your shopping bag, you can choose one of the following payment methods:


    Pay via your bank's trusted online payment environment.

    Visa / Mastercard

    The amount will be reserved on your credit card and charged as soon as your order is shipped.

    When you pay by credit card, we will ask you to enter the 3d Secure Code. If you don't have a 3d Secure Code yet, you will automatically be redirected to your credit card company's website so that you can create a code.

    Paying later

    Pay within 14 days of delivery of your order. You'll receive your invoice from Klarna by email within 1 week of delivery. You then you have 14 days to pay the amount to Klarna via iDeal or by bank transfer. Klarna is currently only available as a payment method for orders up to €2500.-. Klarna has its own acceptance policy over which we have no influence. If your Klarna payment is not accepted and you want to know why, you can contact Klarna directly via You can also read Klarna's general terms and conditions for paying later.

    If you choose to Click & Collect and you want to pay for your order later, the payment will be processed via AfterPay.

    Gift cards

    Pay with the IKEA gift or store card in our online store. Enter the card number of your gift or store card in your shopping bag and you'll see whether there is a remaining balance to pay.

    Please note: if you choose the “Click & Collect” service for an online order, you will unfortunately not be able to pay using a gift or store credit.


    In order to reduce the risk of fraud as much as possible, the amount is always refunded via the payment method used online.

    If you have chosen to pay later via Klarna, the refund or settlement of the outstanding invoice will take place via Klarna. We do not refund cash. If you have paid with a gift or store credit, this will also be refunded on a gift card.

    FAQs about payment

    Can I pay off my order in instalments?

    At IKEA it is unfortunately not possible to pay off purchases in instalments.

    Can I get an invoice for my online purchase?

    We automatically send invoices to all of our customers who place orders online. This applies to both business and private customers.

    Following payment of your order, you will receive an email with an invoice. Sometimes this email may end up in your spam or junk email folder.

    Unfortunately, the name on the invoice cannot be changed. The invoice will be drawn up based on the information you provided during the order process.

    How can I pay in an IKEA store?

    We accept the following payment methods in our stores:

    • cash (except at IKEA Eindhoven)
    • pin or Maestro cards
    • Visa Card, Mastercard or American Express credit cards
    • IKEA store credits or IKEA gift cards and digital gift cards

    We do not accept VVV Gift cards or vouchers.

    At the checkout, we may indicate which banknotes cannot be used when paying in cash. This is to protect our co-workers.

    How does paying with AfterPay work?

    If you do not want to pay for your purchase until after you have received it, you can make use of the payment service provided by Afterpay. You can only use this payment service in combination with a Click & Collect purchase.

    AfterPay cannot be used for purchases at an IKEA store or the IKEA online store.

    If you chose to pay later via Afterpay and have questions regarding your payment, your invoice or any other question, please visit the AfterPay website.

    Visit the AfterPay website

    More FAQs

    Can I get an invoice for my in-store purchase?

    If you purchased items in store, you can take your receipt to the store where you made the purchase. Customer service staff will issue a VAT receipt for you.

    If you placed an order in store and you have an order slip for it, please contact IKEA customer service. We will then send you a VAT invoice by email when your order has been paid for and delivered. If the order has not yet been paid for and/or delivered, we can send you a pro-forma invoice. Don't forget to state your order number in your request.

    Where can I pay with an IKEA gift card or store credit?

    For questions about the IKEA gift card, please visit our IKEA gift card page.

    Where can I pay with an IKEA promotion card?

    If you received a promotion card with a credit balance on it as a part of a promotion, it can only be redeemed at the branch where you received the card, unless indicated otherwise. Unfortunately, you cannot redeem this promotion card online.

    It is possible that the promotion card may only be valid for a limited period of time. Refer to the terms and conditions of the promotion to see whether this is the case.

    View promotion conditions

    What does paying via Klarna mean?

    Klarna enables you to pay for your online order at a later date. With Klarna, you can pay for your order up to 14 days after delivery.

    Do you want to use this facility? When paying for the items in your shopping bag, choose Klarna as your payment method. After delivery of your purchases you will receive a VAT invoice from IKEA. Within 1 week of delivery you will receive a payment request from Klarna by email. You then have 14 days to pay the amount to Klarna via iDEAL or by bank transfer.

    Klarna is currently only available as a payment method for orders up to 2500.-.

    You can contact customer service via the Klarna website. You can also call +31 (0)20 80 82 852 (Monday to Friday 08:00 to 20:00, Saturday 09:00 to 13:00).

    Visit the Klarna website

    FAQs about Klarna
    Go to the FAQs about Klarna.

    Can't see your question? Try our Knowledge Portal.

    Pin cards

    Pin cards only at IKEA Eindhoven

    From 2 September, you can no longer pay in cash at IKEA Eindhoven. This shortens queues, means that we have more time to help you and enables you to enjoy your purchases quicker.

    Q. Why can I no longer pay in cash?

    A. We are in the process of giving IKEA a full revamp. With a new shopping experience and new services. We're putting more emphasis on digital methods and becoming as circular as possible. We want to make IKEA better and even simpler where possible. Ease of payment is part of this process, both online and in stores. The vast majority of our in-store customers pay by bank card, credit card or gift card. It's easier, faster and safer than paying in cash. It takes a relatively long time to serve our customers who still pay in cash. Unfortunately, this impacts on customer flow at checkouts. We believe that modern payment methods are part of a modernised IKEA that is fit for the future. Cash payments no longer have a place in the new set up. With this in mind, on 2 September 2019, we will begin a pilot project at IKEA Eindhoven with cashless payments only.

    Q. Why is IKEA conducting this pilot?

    A. We expect this cashless payments only pilot to increase convenience and lead to faster flows at checkouts.
    IKEA has already conducted a similar pilot in Sweden. We are looking forward to seeing whether we can also achieve the same favourable outcome of that trial in Eindhoven.
    Of course, we will carefully consider whether our customers perceive cashless payments as an improvement. The results of the pilot will determine whether we will also introduce cashless payments in our other Dutch stores.

    Q. What payment methods will you be accepting during the pilot?

    A. We'll be accepting all regular Dutch debit cards (including contactless cards). Phones that are equipped with NFC for mobile payments can also be used as a means of payment. We accept foreign debit cards with the Maestro logo. We accept all regular international credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, V PAY, American Express and Maestro. Of course, customers can also pay with IKEA gift cards.

    Q. Are you allowed to simply abolish the option of paying in cash?

    A. Yes, this is permitted by law on condition that customers are clearly informed.

    Q. What will you do with customers who can only pay in cash?

    A. Cash payments are no longer possible throughout the store during the pilot.

    Q. What can I do with the cash that I have saved specifically to spend at IKEA?

    A. Cash savings and birthday money can be spent at IKEA Eindhoven by buying an IKEA gift card at Primera, Albert Heijn, Bruna, Carrefour Market, Carrefour Express and DreamLand. These gift cards can be used without limit in the store or online.