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With an IKEA clock, you keep up with the times. Our wall clocks, alarm clocks and table clocks tell you exactly what time it is. 

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You have time with a clock 

A clock is a real eye-catcher: you'll look at it more often than you think. Because you want to know what time it is a few times a day. That is why IKEA has so many different types of clocks. Clocks to put on a shelf, the table or in a cupboard. Alarm clocks with digital numbers for on the bedside table. And also clocks to hang on the wall. 

Tick tock 

You won't hear our clocks tick because they have a mechanism that doesn't make a sound, whether they have a second hand on the face or not. Most IKEA clocks run on batteries. The choice is huge in terms of the size, shape and colour of the face. You can also choose whether the clock hands point to numbers or marks. There is always a perfect clock for your wall.