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The right bag makes it easy to bring what you need, and only that. Whether it's for snacks (and books) for your child to last a long school day, or your own gym essentials, there's no excess bulk to weigh you down.

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Grocery shopping. Adventurous hikes. Moving to a new home. Oversea travel. Maybe even your daily commute. They all have something in common. Namely, you need to pack a lot of stuff! Luckily, we’ve got all your bagging needs packed up and ready to go. No matter if you prefer a practical backpack, a stylish crossbody bag or just need a sturdy carrier bag for your groceries. We promise there’s a bag for you in our range. 

Cabin luggage

Cabin luggage, hand luggage or cabin bags – all different names for the same packing apparatus. A bag that comes in handy for a weekend trip, a sunny get away or as a supplement to a bigger suitcase. We offer a selection of cabin luggage in different fashions. Prefer a small strolley that you won’t have to carry through the street? Check, we’ve got that. Are you more of a duffel bag-kind of person, and want to move your pack effortlessly across cobblestones or up stairways? Check, we’ve got that as well. Or why not a combination? We also offer a cabin stroller case that has straps for carrying it slung over your shoulder.

Carrier bags

Carrying groceries home, yet again? With a stylish carrier bag in a sustainable material, you can be environmentally friendly and look good too. We offer durable carrier bags in 100 % cotton, that will hold up for countless trips to the shop. And we also offer polyester bags, mainly made from recycled PET-bottles.

And if that wasn’t good enough, some of these carrier bags can also easily be rolled up into a small flat package. That way you can put it in your jacket pocket or handbag and always have it with you, even for spontaneous shopping.

Large bags for large needs

We also offer large, multi-purpose carrier bags. Carrying loads of dirty laundry? Are you moving and need to pack odd objects that won’t fit in a moving box? The well-known large blue carrier bag from IKEA won’t disappoint you. It has been around for roughly 30 years and is one of the most hardworking bags in the world. We even offer a colourful option in case you want to switch things up from the classical blue design.