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Bring Back Friday

    Double value for your old furniture

    What's the IKEA Black Friday deal in 2020? Your old IKEA furniture! We think it's time for a more sustainable action on Black Friday, so this year we introduce Bring Back Friday. You will receive double the value of your old furniture. By using the Buy Back Service, you can bring back your old IKEA furniture to us and you will get an IKEA voucher in return. From November 24th until December 3rd we double the amount of the regular buy back value. The perfect opportunity to buy something smart and sustainable for at home.

    Your old IKEA product deserves a second life instead. We'll sell your old furniture in the as-is corner to someone who needs it. That's how we all make a big sustainable impact.

    Note: Only with a time slot you will be eligible for the double buy back value.

    Illustration of the planet and a GLADOM sidetable

    Which IKEA furniture can you bring back?

    • All chests of drawers
    • Bookcases and shelves
    • Small tables
    • Tv benches
    • Dining tables
    • Desks
    • Seats without upholstery
    • Beds without upholstery

    Only with a time slot you will be eligible for the double buy back value.

    A second life for another piece of furniture

    Do you want to give a second life to a piece of furniture or a product that is not eligible for the Buy Back Service? Bring it to used goods store Het Goed or plan a free appointment to have your furniture picked up for free.

    Het goed is an organisation with 27 used goods stores. They give furniture a second life by refurbishing them and selling them. This creates jobs for a lot of people and this helps people gain working experience in the used goods stores. Together with Het Goed we can give as much furniture as possible a second life.

    How Bring Back Friday works:

    Bring Back Friday works together with our new Buy Back service. Using this service is as easy as building a BILLY bookcase: you sell us back your used IKEA furniture in return for an IKEA voucher. We take care of re-selling that furniture for you in our AS-IS area.

    Step 1: Fill out form
    Tell us what you want to sell back to us, using our short online form. When you complete the form, you will immediately receive an estimate of the sell-back price for your used IKEA furniture. During the campaign period from November 24th until December 3rd, you will then see the double offer, valid only during this campaign period. In the step with the sell-back price, you can press the button to pick a store and moment to return your old product.

    Step 2: Bring to store
    Bring this estimate and your used furniture to the Exchange and Returns section of your nearest IKEA store, where one of our helpful co-workers will check its condition to confirm your final valuation. If you don't have a car in which your furniture will fit, you rent a van through KAV or rent a car through ConnectCar.

    Step 3: Earn credit
    Once the inspection is done, you will be issued with an IKEA voucher for the final buy-back value. You can then use this credit to spend on something you need at IKEA. The perfect moment to get something smart and sustainable for at home. The voucher is valid indefinitely, so you can always come back to shop at a moment that's convenient for you.

    Terms and conditions apply. Please note, some categories of products are not currently eligible for the Furniture buy-back service. Find out more here.

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