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Fresher and cleaner for People and Planet

Farmare, which means 'Farmer' in Swedish, is an urban farming built in the store to reduce carbon emissions while providing healthier and more delicious food. With the sincerity of the farmer, We grow and harvest vegetables ourselves to provide healthier and tastier food.

Why Sustainable Food?

What we eat every day becomes our lives. So we pay more attention to fresh and quality food for a healthy life. However, as the environment changes, the soil that can produce fresh and high-quality vegetables is getting smaller. How can we produce fresh, high-quality vegetables in a sustainable way for the earth and for us?

That's why IKEA started. A way to save me and the Earth with sustainable and healthy food.

Why Urban farming?

  • Pesticide free, environment friendly

    Urban Farming does not require pesticides nor herbicides which eventually reduces affects upon environment.

  • Fresh, high quality foods

    Urban farming grows vegetables in an isolated ecosystem, which removes external factors for quality defection. Also, isolated ecosystem removes affect from pollutants.

  • Save water up to 90%

    Water is crucial for farming. Urban farming circulates water which results approximately 90% of water savings compared to traditional agriculture industry.

Meet IKEA Farmare!

 Meet IKEA Farmare at IKEA Restaurant! IKEA Restaurant offers a menu of eco-friendly vegetables carefully grown at IKEA Farmare.
* Currently, IKEA Farmare is only operated in IKEA Gwangmyeong Store 2F Restaurant and will be expanded gradually.

Salmon croissant sandwich

*A croissant sandwich with pickled salmon, salad, salmon sauce, and avocado.

Salmon salad

*Salad with cooked salmon, various eco-friendly vegetables and oriental dressing

Garden salad

* Beet salad with a variety of eco-friendly vegetables and Italian dressing.

Chicken salad

*Salad with smoked chicken breast, various eco-friendly vegetables, onion chips and cream dressing