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There's always room for a beautiful bedroom in a living room

It might sound impossible, but we beg to differ! Here's how to create a private, functional, and good looking bedroom in a one-bedroom apartment – use PLATSA bed frame as a room divider.

A bedding classic that never goes out of style is BRUNKRISSLA – its stylish pattern matches easily with your bedroom look. Add some extra pillows in bed for comfy back support when you enjoy some late night reading.

A headboard on one side, lots of storage and a wardrobe on the other – PLATSA can serve you in more than one way! Organise the drawers and shelves, so your things are easy to find and use storage boxes for the smallest items for an uncluttered look.

A desk organiser with a handle really comes in handy in a small home where you want an uncluttered and clean look. Carry KVISSLE to the table when it's time to work and store it on a shelf when the work day is over.

Customise your curtain solution, and the amount of light that enters your bedroom, with the help of a double-tracked curtain rail and two kinds of curtains – one that sets the mood, and one that's room darkening.

A small bedroom can really benefit from a multifunction mirror that requires little space. LIERSKOGEN has both hooks and trays, so it's perfect for upcoming outfits and accessories.

MILSBO keeps your finest belongings dust-free while they're being luxuriously displayed, and this cabinet includes a lock too so you can feel at ease knowing that your favourite items are kept safe and secure.