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Home, where "the many firsts" take place

    Re-discover the meaning of home, where "the many firsts" take place

    What does home mean to you? If you can start doing what you like, that's your home for IKEA. Don't worry and start anything with the hope that everything is possible. Prepare for a new life with IKEA. From the home, where "the many firsts" take place.

    <Like a new life solution>

    Let's start, your new life. Our lives become newer as we belong to a new community, continue our own reality, decorate space for what we like, and look forward to our future home in the future. Meet the five solutions to help you start your dream new life at home.


    Let's start the life of a planterior

    Working at home, sitting in front of a laptop at home all day, struggling with work, makes me frustrated. In that case, make room for planterior in the veranda space of your house.

    Just looking at the green plants makes me breathless. If you're not confident about growing real plants, you can add freshness with artificial plants like FEJKA. My own resting place, which is comfortable even with minor changes, is completed.

    <IKEA with episode>

      IKEA is working with the residential brand "episode" that reflects the lifestyle of the MZ generation to get closer to Korean consumers. Meet 4 spaces with IKEA's home furnishing solutions for each lifestyle at episode suyu.

      episode suyu 20F IKEA Room
      episode suyu 22F IKEA Room
      episode suyu 21F IKEA Room
      episode suyu 23F IKEA Room

      <A new way of life,
      Us & Our Planet> 

      #Us & Our Planet

      To learn more about how we live and discover new ways of life, the IKEA has visited various families around the world since the 1950s. If you're curious about how to start a new life through trivial but daily actions, check out the <Us & Our Planet>book containing the results of IKEA's research.

      You can participate in the "New Life" pop-up & Instagram event and receive <Us & Our Planet> on a first-come, first-served basis.