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IKEA co-worker home visit, the second episode

Home with graphic designer's sense of colour

We are back with the second episode of <Home visit>, where we visit homes of people who are home experts. In this episode, we are showing the home of our co-worker Fabian! who worked internationally before coming to IKEA Korea to work for the Home Furnishing & Retail Design team. Step inside and see how he decorated his personal space.

Colorful graphics that keep the atmosphere alive

The moment we passed the hallway and got into the living room of Fabian's house, colourful items and furnitures caught our eyes. Yellow VIMLE sofa in the middle of the living room was particularly inspiring.

“Isn't it unique? yellow is my favourite colour.”

Fabian spends most of his time in this sofa while watching TV or playing games in his living room. His favourite part about the sofa is that he can customise arrangements and colours. There's an extra storage for him to store things too. Like a designer's home, cushions on the sofa with various graphics really made the living room atmosphere alive.

“By decorating my living room with my favourite colour yellow as a base colour, I can feel good whenever I look at it.”

*The VIMLE sofa yellow cover in the picture has been sold out, and you can use a different color sofa cover now.

One and only graphic collection

The highlight of the house was behind the sofa. We saw a wall full of posters showing the graphic concept of the house and Fabian's styles. These posters were his graphic works that held memories too. In between the sophisticated and colourful posters, we found a clock sitting on a table. Fabian said this clock designed in 1995, is his favourite of all IKEA products.

“It's a simple design that doesn't become cliche over time. You can still find this clock in IKEA.”

We can't miss out on sharing about the rug. HALVED rug was what made his colourful home look complete. This rug is made from handwoven wool and it can be used both sides. Fabian said it's always good to underlay IKEA's anti-slip product before using a rug.

“I've added graphics on the floor and walls to create the perfect atmosphere for me.”

A small forest just for my home

Fabian started to grow plants recently, so the area for his bookcase had wooden furnitures and green plants that give 'small forest' like atmosphere. He's still a beginner horticulturist, so he had to place in some FEJKA artificial plants to maintain the green atmosphere. Fabian highly recommends this tip for beginners who want to grow plants, but is still a little hesitant. He says it's always good to pick out sustainable and naturally handmade products to go with the forest mood.

“FLÅDIS basket with an avocado plant I placed inside is made from uniquely braided seagrass.”

He also has FRIDFULL plant pots just in case he decides to bring in new plants. It's a sustainable plant pot made from water hyacinth.

“I chose a sustainable plant pot to create 'real forest' like place. It's perfect for my plants and good for the planet too.”

Practice sustainable living while being cozy

Across the green plants, we found a spacious reclining armchair and a lamp with soft glowing light. First thing that catched our eyes was the KNIXHULT lamp made of sustainable bamboo material. Fabian said the light glowing in between the hand-woven bamboo was what made him choose this product. Next to the lamp, we found a EKOLSUND recliner. Fabian says that these days looking over his plants and reading is what brings him happiness.

“It's comfortable and durable.”

Fabian showed us a demonstration of how he seats in the recliner. Once he sat down, the backrest tilted back and the leg support rised, instantly transforming into a comfortable bed. Even when you move back up, the moment you lower your legs this armchair will automatically return back to its original shape so that you can get up again easily. When a product is sustainable, you can be cozy while helping the planet everyday.

Keeping privacy with soft glowing light

A whole new atmosphere was waiting for us once we visited the bedroom.

“My Bedroom has soft colours and tones compared to the living room.”

Bedroom is a place that needs all the comfort, so the room was generally bright and neat. We were able to feel that this place is where he could truly relax before falling asleep. Fabian says LILL net curtains can complete the cozy mood.

“The sheer fabric of this curtain lets in daylight while providing you privacy.”

If you prefer a soft mood over a strong daylight, this would be a perfect curtain for you.

“It's the lowest-priced IKEA curtain. Isn't it practical?”

Choose your lighting with an app

All the rooms in Fabian's house had one thing in common. Tone in lights! He used TRÅDFRI smart lighting to create a consistent mood. More to that, IKEA Home smart app allowed him to easily and freely adjust the brightness and colours of all the lights. There were other furnitures he wanted to show us too. First, he wanted to show us his LISABO table! It was awarded in a famous design award, but you can get at an affordable price. Its simple design will look good in anywhere you place. Second is the ODGER chair made of recycled plastic! It's easy to assemble, durable and comfortable.

“I really wanted to point out that even a furniture that won a design award can be bought at an affordable price.”

    Step inside and see the second episode of <Home Visit> featuring the home of Fabian, a Graphic designer in IKEA Korea. Enjoy the video of a home full of graphic and colours!