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How Many Ways Can You Think Of Using A Tray? 

We’ll tell you! Check out our handsome VÄRMER tray - we gave it an irregular shape so it stands out. Use it as a tray for drinks and snacks or as a decorative piece in the living room to place your favourite things. Want something shiny? The GLATTIS tray is the one - we gave it high edges so nothing slides off it as you move. You can even place it on your shelf to keep a vase or a picture frame. And our RESGODS bed tray is a must-have - it comes with foldable legs so it stands steady on your bed and when you’re working from home, use this tray to place your laptop as you rest against your headboard!

Trays That Can Do More Than Just Serving

With our versatile collection of trays, you can not only use them to serve drinks and snacks but also use it as decor around your house. Like the VÄRMER tray - beautiful and practical - use it to serve guests or place it on the side table to keep all your knick-knacks together. And the GROGGY stainless steel tray comes with high edges so you can move around with glasses and bowls easily. Or check out the SKALA tray made of wood - we gave it handles on the side for better grip and easy handling. And our OSTIBIT tray made of bamboo is simple, clean and big enough to hold glasses, bowls and serving plates for the guests. And also check out the SAMMANHANG tray stand so you can place all your favourite trays together when serving or use it in the living room to place pretty candles, vases, or bowls.