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Add to your kitchen collection with our unique serving bowls

Our collection of bowls, bowl sets, and more is here to beautify your kitchenware collection. We have a large variety for you to match with your dinnerware, silverware, or glassware. 

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Choose a designer bowl set for your kitchen collection

You can look at our rice bowls online, soup bowls online, or cereal bowl sets online when you are adding them to your bowl collection. Our bowls are timeless, so they can be used for years to come. They will never go out of style. 

Our bowl collection can add that extra oomph to any kitchen. If you’re having guests over, or if you simply want nice bowls, you’ve come to the right place. They’re perfect for meals throughout the day. Whether it is your breakfast cereal or your dinner salad, we have the right bowl to fit your every need! 

Feeling under the weather? You can use our soup bowls too! They come in ceramic, stoneware, and glass, so you have a large variety to choose from too. Browse through our bowl collection online to select the ones that complement your kitchenware the best.

Why you need a good bowl set for your home

Understanding what you can use your bowls for can help you make the right choice when you are choosing the bowls you want to buy. What are you going to use your bowls for? Is it for serving food? Is it for storing food? Or is it to eat food? The use case for your new collection can help in determining the size and material of the bowls you need.

A good bowl set can be traditional or modern, and at IKEA, we have options for both. Our stoneware kitchen bowls come in a variety of different sizes that give you a timeless finish to add to your collection. But if you want to take a more traditional route, you can select from our ceramic bowl collection, to add a classic touch to your kitchenware. If you want to stick to something reliable, we also have a glass bowl set, again, available in different sizes, so that you can use them for multiple purposes. Our Borosil bowls online are premium glass bowls that you can add to your collection.

How to choose the right bowls for your kitchen

There are two aspects to selecting the perfect bowl set for your kitchen. The first is the use case, and the second is the size.

What are you using your bowls for?

You can use the bowls to cook, store, serve, and eat food. If you already have serving bowls in your collection, it does not make sense to buy more and clutter your kitchenware. So look at the existing bowls that you have and see which ones you need before making the choice. Our IKEA collection of bowls comes in different materials, with lids and without lids, and can serve multiple purposes in the kitchen. If you’re looking at soup bowls, we also have a set of deep plates that you can use to serve noodle soups and other broths, along with pasta and more. So determine the type of bowl you need, based on what it is going to be used for. 

The most commonly used bowl set is the glass bowl set. They are ideal for all uses, and since they are microwave friendly as well, you can use them to store them as well. 

What size of bowls do you need?

Once you have a better idea of what you’ll be using the bowls you purchase for, you will be able to select the size of the bowls you need. 

For example, if you want the bowls for just serving purposes, ask yourself this: What do I want to serve in these bowls? Do I need the bowls to be for individual serving sizes, like accompaniments or dips, or sides, or do I need them to be used for serving salads to guests at a dinner party? 

Answering questions like these will help you figure out the size of the bowl set you need to purchase. We also have bowl sets that come in different sizes, which is ideal if you’re redoing your kitchen and want new kitchenware, or if you’re moving into a new house with a brand new kitchen.

What can you use different bowls of different materials for?

IKEA offers you three materials from our bowl collection. They are made of either porcelain, glass, or ceramic. Even though all the bowls can be used for anything and everything, there are certain use cases for ceramic and porcelain bowls that you should be aware of.

How to use ceramic bowls

You can use a ceramic bowl to serve food to your guests. It improves the entire presentation of the food and adds a touch of rustic style to your meal. Our ceramic is made with the highest quality so you don’t have to worry about your dinnerware looking cheap or not fancy. You can also use our ceramic bowls for storage purposes - and not just food. They can add the flair you need to your centre table where you store your potpourri, or you can use it as a decorative piece in your home.

How to use porcelain bowls

Porcelain is more durable than ceramic because it goes through higher temperatures while the clay is baking, making it more resistant to breaking. Ideally, since porcelain bowls are so intricate and beautiful, they can be used for dinner parties, hosting guests, or even for nights when you are feeling fancy. They can also accessorise your home and can be used as a dish to store candy or other snackable items that are always out.


What are the different materials available for purchase if I want to buy a bowl from the IKEA website?

We have three main categories of bowls available for our consumers in terms of the material provided. You can choose to buy from our collection of glass bowl sets, ceramic bowl sets, or porcelain bowls.

What is the best use for a ceramic bowl?

You can use the ceramic bowl for serving, consuming, and cooking food. They are microwave and oven-friendly as well. The uses of the ceramic bowls are wholly dependent on the size of the bowls.

Is the rice bowl online the same as the soup bowl?

The rice bowl can be a serving bowl or a deep dish that can be used for serving soup as well. It depends on the size of the bowl you are looking to buy and the type of bowl you are looking to purchase. Ultimately, all your choices are dependent on what you choose to do with the bowl and how you plan on using it. 

How fragile are the bowl sets available on the IKEA website? Are they kid-friendly?

Although the bowls available on the IKEA website are not fragile, it doesn’t necessarily make them kid-friendly. Materials like ceramic and porcelain are quite delicate, and even glass bowls have a tendency to break. 

Can I buy single bowls if they’re available in a pack of four or do I have to buy all four of them collectively?

No, if the bowl is available in a pack, you cannot buy a single one out of them. But we do have a collection of single bowls in different sizes for you to purchase.

Can I use deep plates instead of bowls?

If you are looking at serving pasta, noodle soup, or even risotto or some rice and curry, you can use a deep plate instead of a soup bowl. Again, the usage of the bowl completely depends on you and what you’re comfortable with.