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Breakfast Cereal Or Dinner Salad - We’ve Got You Bowled!

Complete your dinner set by picking a pretty bowl or two from our collection of bowls. Check out the OFANTLIGT bowl in white that will easily match with your other porcelain dishes. It’s made of hardwearing and durable materials but will also look very elegant sitting on your dining table. For pattern-lovers, we have the ENTUSIASM bowls that are perfect for tea-time snacks. It has unique patterns and details that look traditional yet modern at the same time. And we have the STRIMMIG series for those who love a minimalistic style. Match the bowls with other dishes from the same series or set a colourful table by matching it with other porcelain!

Bowls Of Different Styles For Different Occasions

Festive bowls for when special guests come over or simply yet elegant bowls for everyday use - within our collection of bowl you’re sure to find a set that fits the right occasion. Our OFANTLIGT bowls are perfect for your kitty-party and you’ll also find mugs from the same for a complete look. And for subtle decorative patterns, check out our VINTERFEST bowls - you can easily pair it with other porcelain plates to complete the set. And our KRUSTAD bowls are perfect for morning cereal or even mid-day soup. It’s also microwave-safe so you can quickly heat the leftovers for dinner. And for something traditional, we have the GULKREMLA bowls made of stainless steel. Perfect for when you need to serve salad or even when you want to store leftovers in the fridge.

Don’t forget to check out our dinnerware collection to match your favourite bowls and build a coordinated dinner set!