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Frying pans

For Perfectly Done Veggies And The Softest Chapatis

Fancy yourself a chef? Get cooking with our range of frying pans in different sizes. The stainless steel SENSUELL collection is durable, comes with ergonomic handles and like our cast-iron SENIOR has an extra-thick base that retains heat, cooking your food faster. Our VARDAGEN range is inspired by the classic cast iron pans and can be safely used in the oven. Complete with a non-stick Teflon coating, the aluminium flat pan from our KOLMULE range gives you the perfect rotis.

Take Your Culinary Skills Out Of The Fire And Into The Frying Pan

Try out new cuisines and impress your family and friends with our SENSUELL range of stainless steel frying pans. Its thick base and aluminium layer retains heat and cooks your vegetables and gravies to perfection. The ergonomic handle is built with a silicone base that provides a comfortable grip - comes in handy when you are showing off for your significant other. Our durable, cast-iron SENIOR with its matt enamelled inside is easy to clean and has two handles that provide a better grip as you bustle around trying to prepare dinner. Inspired by the classic 1950s cookware, our VARDAGEN range of frying pans is something you can pass onto the next generation along with your recipes. Finally letting you make those perfectly-cooked, fluffy rotis is this aluminium KOLMULE flat pan that comes with a non-stick Teflon coating.

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