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Smart LED light bulbs

With smart bulbs, light can say something about you and set the mood. It starts with your feelings, which blend into the way you live at home. Energised? Go brighter. Relaxed? Dim things low. Creative? Pick a colour. Grab the remote control and let your smart light bulbs say how you feel today. 

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The light bulb has been a symbol for getting bright ideas for over a decade. And these smart LED light bulbs might be one of the brightest ideas since then.

Take control of your lighting

With a smart bulb, you can get complete control over the lighting in your home. They are easily installed, and conveniently controlled through a remote or through an app (check out our steering devices and smart light switches to learn more).

Even better – with a smart wireless LED bulb, any of your favourite lamps can get an intelligence upgrade. That makes them incredibly easy to integrate in your current design.

One of the best places to install smart bulbs is in the living room. We spend a lot of time in our living rooms. And once we’re home from a long day, and we finally crash on the sofa, there are few things worse than the realisation that you have to get back up to flip a light switch. With smart bulbs at key locations in your living room, you can just press the remote to get the lighting you want.