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DIRIGERA Hub for smart products, white smart

DIRIGERA Hub for smart products, white smart

Price £ 60

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With more than one smart product from IKEA, the DIRIGERA hub, together with the IKEA Home smart app, brings the most benefits to your smart home. Improving the IQ of your home makes life itself smoother.

Article Number505.034.09

Product details

DIRIGERA hub is the heart of a smart home as it enables you to connect and control your smart products in the IKEA Home smart app.

Picture yourself being able to wake up, dim the lights, raise your blinds, and listen to some music - all without having to get out of bed (or having to rewire your home).

You can easily keep an eye on your home even when you're away using the IKEA Home smart app, for example to check if the coffee machine is switched off and to turn lights on or off.

Furnish your smart home with lighting, blinds, air quality products and speakers. With built-in tech that melts into your decor, sometimes you can’t even tell it’s smart!

All our smart products work independently. Adding them to the hub opens up new ways to control and customise your home – with extra functions and features when you combine two or more products.

Your smart home can be controlled in various ways – with the IKEA Home smart app, remote controls, shortcut button, voice or motion. You control individual products, groups, rooms or all at once.

When it comes to control, we think of everyone – young, old and guests. While the app gives you control to customise your smart home, our remotes make it easy for everyone else to use it as well.

Found the perfect combination of cosy lighting and music? Save it as a 'Scene' in the app! By creating your own scenes, the right mood for any occasion is just a tap away.

Trigger scenes with schedules or manually with a shortcut button or the app, for example when you want to turn off all lights and other smart products with a single press when leaving home in the morning.

Scenes can also be used to schedule lights to be turned on when you're away, for the air purifier to clean the air before bedtime, or for the blinds to roll down to prevent indoor heat from the sun.

With the hub, it’s easy to expand your smart home over time as we continuously grow our range of smart products. Why not start with the rooms where you spend most time, and explore smart lighting?

We continuously update the IKEA Home smart app with new and improved features for an even more fun and convenient way to use your smart home.


IKEA of Sweden

  • DIRIGERA hub requires a Wi-Fi network and connects to your router with the provided cable.

    To use the hub to get going with your smart home, download the IKEA Home smart app, where you’ll be guided step-by-step.

    You can control your smart home using one or multiple mobile and tablet devices - just download the app to each one.

    If you want to use a voice assistant, you can connect to Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, or Google Home through integrations in the IKEA Home smart app.

    This product is part of our smart home range. Connect it, along with other smart products, to DIRIGERA hub and IKEA Home smart app for more features and functions, that you can control from anywhere, not just when you're at home.

    The IKEA Home smart app is available on the App Store (iOS 15 or later) and on Google Play (Android 8 or later).

  • Material
    ABS plastic

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Weight & measurements

Height: 27 mm

Diameter: 112 mm

Cord length: 1.80 m

  • DIRIGERAArticle Number505.034.09

    Width: 16 cm

    Height: 6 cm

    Length: 17 cm

    Weight: 0.38 kg

    Package(s): 1


Grossly underpowered.Verified ReviewerThis hub might suit a studio or a one bed flat with thin walls. However, in small 1980s built house it cannot really do more than line of sight. Also, never disconnect a lead as it has no resilience for it connections They are all lost on disconnection. It was also a nightmare to set up. Could not register itself with the device next to it waiting for response. Re-installed Tradfri hub.1
Simple and easy to useVerified ReviewerGreat piece of kit! Very easy to set up through the app and pair my bulbs and devices, love being able to also set schedules. From reviews on here and on the Apple app store I think there used to be a lot of bugs but there must have been updates since then, set up was straight forward, fingers crossed it stays as good. I also liked that I was able to connect this through an ethernet socket elsewhere in my home instead of directly into the router. When I bought this in store I has to ask a member of staff as they don't keep them out on the shelves, they are kept in a locked cupboard.5
Happy with the purchase. ExactlyVerified ReviewerHappy with the purchase. Exactly what I expected.5
Looks good, room for improvement for HomeKit integrationVerified ReviewerFor a new tech product it’s fairly good. Easy-ish to set up. I had to reboot my router to get properly connected but that may have been some specific security settings we’d added. Takes a while to download and install the firmware update. Adding tradfri bulbs/dimmers is a pain and time consuming so you need some patience. Switching off and on 5 times with a 2 second delay is frustrating when it doesn’t find the device. But got there in the end. The video is useful to get the timing right. HomeKit integration is a bit hit and miss. I’ve had lamps just disappear from the HomeKit app. Did a reboot of all devices and the hub but they didn’t show up. However later that day they did appear in another house members HomeKit app. Hopefully a future update will fix this bug.4
Easy to work with, so far so goodVerified ReviewerConnected smoothly to smart blinds and google home. Can’t complain really.5
Better than tradfri but expensiveVerified ReviewerNot a perceived massive change so far as not all functionalities are activated. Can only improve with time?3
DIRIGERA Hub for smart products, white smart

Connect and create some magic

You have surely asked yourself, a bit stressed and on your way from home, “did I really turn off the iron?” Or wished that the lights were on when you get home late? With DIRIGERA, our hub for smart products, you can easily connect and control everything from irons and lamps to air purifiers and speakers.

“But the real magic happens when you combine the different products to what we call a Scene. Then you get fantastic functions,” says Rebecca Töreman, who has worked with smart products at IKEA for several years. Her mornings now start softly with the help of a routine she has created herself in the app. “Just before I wake up, the blinds go up, my bed lights are slowly lit, and the speakers turn on my playlist with soft music. The air purifier has given me the best possible air during the night and goes from night mode to auto mode. I can’t imagine a better start of the day.”

For a smarter everyday life

In addition to our growing range of smart products, you can actually add other electrical devices to DIRIGERA thanks to a wireless outlet. You put it between the wall socket, and for example the coffee machine or the iron, which then becomes a part of your smart home. “The whole idea with DIRIGERA has been to create a simple system to both install and use. We have more than 75 years of experience in creating a better everyday life at home, and now we have made it smarter by adding technology.”

Continues to develop

When you buy a piece of furniture or any other product from IKEA, you expect it to be fully developed. But we can reveal that DIRIGERA actually becomes better and better with time – without costing you anything extra. “We continue to update the app and develop new products and functions that you connect to your smart home – so you can have a little more magic in everyday life.”.

Function solution

The heart of a smart home

With DIRIGERA, our hub for smart products, you can easily connect and control everything from lamps and blinds to speakers and air purifiers directly from an app on your phone. It’s smart and smooth, but the real magic happens when you combine different products to a preset Scene. Then you can create your own routines that frame that perfect dinner party, help you unwind in the evening or wake you up with a pleasant light and soft music.