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KLUBBSPORRE Ergonomic pillow, side/back sleeper, 41x70 cm
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KLUBBSPORRE Ergonomic pillow, side/back sleeper,

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This ergonomic pillow is made of memory foam topped with a gel layer that gives you a cool, soothing sleep surface. This means you sleep comfortably all night without waking up feeling hot and clammy.

Article Number404.460.99

Product details

An ergonomic pillow with two types of comfort; cushioning foam on one side and a cooling gel on the other.

The memory foam cradles your head, neck and shoulders, relieving pressure and tension. It maintains an even temperature and has small holes in the core, so air can circulate and wick away moisture.

The gel layer gives a cool, soothing sleep surface.

Both the memory foam and the gel layer are made of the same material, but have different densities which give them different characteristics.

Choose this pillow if you are a side or back sleeper and need the support of a firmer, higher pillow.

The soft fabric cover breathes and wicks away moisture.

Easy to keep clean and fresh since you can machine wash the removable cover.


IKEA of Sweden

Weight & measurements

Length: 41 cm

Width: 70 cm

Height: 13 cm


Ergonomic pillow, side/back sleeper,Verified ReviewerI bought two of these pillows 2 months ago for my partner and I. As the most expensive ikea pillow, i was hoping it was of a high quality and comfortabilty. But rather It has been waste of money. Very uncomfortable. We regrets buying it. 1
PillowVerified ReviewerLooked at in shop then found in reduced corner. Very firm so took some getting used to, but like the shaping.5
Didn’t keep shape.Verified ReviewerPoor product. Lost its integrity after only two months with a permanent dip in the middle where my head rested.1
Great Pillow Verified ReviewerI used the pillow for the first time last night and I slept like a baby, so comfortable and the cooling gel is a game changer too. It may not suit everyone but it’s a big thumbs up from me.5
Great pillowVerified ReviewerReally comfortable pillow, cool pad works really well5
Nice pillow. Just could notVerified ReviewerNice pillow. Just could not accommodate to sleep3
OK pillow but not worth the moneyVerified ReviewerThis is a very firm but comfortable pillow although I was unable to discern which was meant to be the cooler side over summer. Overall, it's very expensive for what it is and no better than much cheaper memory foam pillows I've had previously.3
UnsatisfactoryVerified ReviewerNice to see but uncomfortable, very hard and could not sleep on it1
CHEMICALS: PILLOW SMELLS AWFUL DUE TO BEING KAREN WITH CHEMICALSVerified ReviewerFed up with reading the generic response from Ikea to every customer who has purchased this pillow., " The pillow may have a noticeable smell as a result of being sealed in airtight packaging. " No Ikea, this is not the whole story. Unfortunately the reason it smells so strong/bad, is that it is laden with chemicals that are HARMFUL TO HUMAN HEALTH, although of course the official line is that they are not. Other countries may have them without all the chemicals because of different regulations - fire regulations.1
Great PillowVerified ReviewerRecommended to me by a friend and I absolutely love it. Such a comfortable pillow and the cooling gel definitely does the trick when I wake up with hot flushes. Worth every penny I paid.5
Satisfied customerVerified ReviewerSatisfied customer4
Doesn't keep it's shape. No side support.Verified ReviewerI suffer with neck pain and headaches. As a full-time carer, £50 on a pillow is a significant amount and has proved to be a waste of money. I've been using it for 3 months. From the get-go, I found it wasn't supportive enough for side sleeping, so I would wake up most mornings and find that I'd ended up sleeping on my back. The pillow is now as flat a pancake in the middle, no amount of plumping or trying to reshape it makes any real difference. I now wake up in pain every morning. So I'm now back on the hunt for something more supportive. I can't recommend this pillow at all.1
OdourVerified ReviewerThis is my second pillow. First one was absolutely brilliant, but second one, bought a year later has a terrible petrol-like smell. I tried to leave outside for 2 days - nothing changed. Smell is there. The worst thing I slept on it one night and than had a terrible headache.1
Shame about pillowcasesVerified ReviewerGreat pillow but where can you buy a pillowcase to fit it from?????,2
Saved my sleepVerified ReviewerHave never been able to find a pillow that suits me until now. Tried more expensive memoryfoam and gel pillows that didn't work. This has worked brilliantly. I sleep so much better and more comfortably. I sleep on my side mainly btw.5
Not for side sleepersVerified ReviewerI'm a side sleeper and cannot use this pillow. The weight of the head in one place / needing head support doesn't work with this thin pillow. Can imagine it's more suitable for back / front sleepers. Quite expensive pillow to find it's useless for me.1
Not for side sleepersVerified ReviewerI'm a side sleeper and cannot use this pillow. The weight of the head in one place / needing head support doesn't work with this thin pillow. Can imagine it's more suitable for back / front sleepers. Quite expensive pillow to find it's useless for me.1
Good pillowVerified ReviewerLove the cooling functionality. As a hot sleeper, this is a great thing to have in a pillow. I would have liked it to have been a bit firmer though. Would happily pay more if it came in different densities!4
GREAT PILLOWVerified ReviewerLOve this pillow! Can definitely 'feel' the cool side and it's comfortable too!5
Was looking for a pillowVerified ReviewerWas looking for a pillow to give support but was sceptical prior to buying as it isn't an easy item to trial first. I bit the bullet and tried the pillow and I am very pleased with it's comfort and support; it has improved my quality of sleep also.5


How to care for your ergonomic pillow

With a little care, you can prolong the life of your ergonomic pillow and keep it fresh. It is important that you do not wash the foam, as this will affect the pillow's quality and function. However, you can always wash the outer pillow cover. Remove the cover from the foam and machine wash at max. 40°C, regular cycle. Tumble dry on low heat, max. 60°C.


A pillow made with you in mind

At IKEA, we ensure that our pillows meet the highest quality demands. Our dedicated team of product developers listen to what customers have to say and constantly work to improve every aspect of the pillow. This includes extensive testing of the filling, comfort and durability to make sure they meet our strict quality standards. We also do our best to use long-lasting materials that will stand the test of time and give you many years of comfy and blissful sleep.

Function solution

One side is cooler than the other

It’s no secret that temperature affects the quality of our sleep. Feeling too hot at night is likely to disturb you and even wake you up. KLUBBSPORRE ergonomic pillow has one side that maintains a cooler temperature, and an overall snug softness to keep your head, neck and shoulders loose and relaxed all night. Regardless of your body temperature or the temperature in your room, the pillow will retain its comfort.