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Save water with IKEA products​

Less than 3% of the water on our planet is fresh. That’s one of the reasons IKEA set about making showers and kitchen and bathroom taps that use less of this precious resource. As the saying goes, you never know the value of water until the well runs dry.

An unhappy spaniel puppy being rinsed with a hand shower while sitting on the black and white tiled floor of a bathroom.

Water and energy saving showers

All our shower heads and hand showers are fitted with a flow regulator which reduces the water flow. This saves you water and energy and you won’t notice any difference in the water pressure.

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A BROGRUND shower set with thermostatic mixer mounted on a bathroom wall clad in light grey tiles in a herringbone pattern.
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Great energy saving news for parents living with teenagers

Heating water is a significant cost for most households. That’s why most of our bathroom taps have a cold start function. When you lift the lever straight up, only cold water is released, which means you only heat water when you need it.

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A young child with long brown hair standing in a white tiled bathroom rinsing their hands in the wash basin.
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Take some pressure off

Like all our kitchen taps, DELSJÖN is fitted with an aerator which reduces water consumption without any loss in flow. This means you can lower your water usage and your bills, and relieve some of the pressure on our planet’s water reserves.

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A DELSJÖN kitchen tap mounted on a sink. In the foreground are a dish brush and various pots and pans.
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Two upended wine glasses and several mugs and bowls in the top rack of a dishwasher after having been cleaned.


Washing your dishes in a dishwasher helps you to save water compared to doing your dishes by hand. Hand-washing can use up to three times as much water as machine washing.