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How can I live more sustainably?

We’re working hard to run our business in more sustainable ways, and at the same time, we’re also developing products and services that enable people to reduce their impact on the planet. By focusing on energy, air, water, waste and food we can help you live more sustainably.

A young couple preparing food in their galley kitchen. One of them chops a pepper while the other looks in a wall cabinet.
A woman sitting on a sofa and a teenager sitting on the floor laugh as another child jumps on the sofa.

Our goal is to inspire more than 1 billion people to live a better everyday life within the limits of the planet.

Promoting circular and sustainable consumption

More and more of our products are designed to be circular, have a small climate footprint and be made of renewable and recycled materials. We’re on our way but still have a lot of work to do. We also want to enable people to make more sustainable choices and make it easy for them to reduce food waste, eat more plant-based food and to care for and pass on IKEA products.

Why we sell second-hand furniture

When improving our homes, we can ask ourselves if a piece of furniture we don’t need could be given a second life. Or if we really need a brand new item. Our IKEA Sell-Back Program is one way we’re making it more affordable to live more sustainably.

Reduce food waste at home

The sad truth is that every third bite of food produced is lost or wasted. The good news is that we have smart, affordable products that can help you make the most of what you buy and cook.

Two people carrying a white KALLAX shelving unit across a tree-lined street.

Shop your store's As-is products

Good for Home and the Planet 

Are you looking for deals that will help the planet and your wallet? In the As-is online marketplace, you will find everything from discontinued items, to gently used and even our ex-showroom displays.

Shop your store's As-is products

Creating a movement for better everyday living

We want to make healthy and sustainable living the norm by inspiring and enabling more sustainable behaviours in society. We develop products that enable people to live more sustainably, and we share tips and ideas on how to be more energy and water efficient, minimize waste, and eat more plant-based.