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Different ways to decorate with large plant pots for an oasis of calm

Large potted indoor plants aren’t necessarily harder to care for than tiny houseplants – and they give you more bang for your effort. Find some easy tips for decorating with large plant pots in different styles and ways. Even fake plants can make a refreshing green impact if you don’t have the time or a green thumb.

A cozy living room with one large green plant dividing the different seating areas. Grey sofas and beige tones on furniture.
A cozy living room with one large green plant dividing the different seating areas. Grey sofas and beige tones on furniture.

Divide a room with plants

It takes only one or a few strategically placed oversized houseplants to make your home feel like the oasis of your dreams. Most big plant pots look great on the floor, while the smaller ones look adorable on nightstands and tables. Match a wide indoor tree with a plant pot that’s wide in the opening.

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One tall green plant in a large white pot placed between two grey sofas filled with many pillows in muted colours.
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Create privacy from the busy street with plants

Take your indoor garden to new heights with tall plants that give a big impression. Not only do they add beauty to your window, but they can add privacy where needed, too. If your windows are small, extend the feeling of green happiness and use a shelf to showcase your smaller friends.

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Three green plants of various sizes in grey and beige pots on a yellow windowsill. A black work lamp and a yellow armchair.
A black open shelf with different small houseplants in grey pots and a large grey plant pot with lush leaves in the window.
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Infuse lush green flair in a shady space

Because sometimes you just don’t have light — or time. Artificial plants can look so real they become a go-to for anyone looking to add texture to dimly lit corners and for those craving a pop of refreshing green without the plant care. Add a perfectly sized natural fibre basket and you’ll have a nice beachy touch.

A large fake plant in a natural fibre basket placed under a shady staircase in a nice clean hallway with shoes and a bench.

Show off your green thumb with plant stands

Plant stands filled with several tiny houseplants can be a single decorative piece – or why not repeat them to get a jungle feeling? Use pots in different heights to create an artfully arranged oasis or use the same style of plants to get a simple, bold impression.

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Many tiny houseplants grouped together on two black plant stands in a dimly lit corner next to a yellow sofa.
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Liven things up in a big way

High plants in large pots are a beautiful way to bring the outside in. A tall plant by your dining table gives you the cozy green atmosphere over your head without blocking the view to the person you’re having a conversation with. A self-watering plant pot keeps your tree happy even if you forget to water it.

In a white, bright and airy room is a tall green tree in a white large pot next to a black dining table with two chairs.

Glam up your window sill

As long as a room has a window, it can have a houseplant! Use plant stands as an extension of the window sill to make the space more lush. By grouping plants like this, you get a big green romantic feel. A few accessories make it easy to care for your sprouts, while you get a piece of nature’s peace.

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Two white plant stands with storage placed under a bright window. Green plants and different pots and watering cans.
A white and golden slim designed watering can and gardening accessories on a white shelf and small sprouts in glasses.
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Sprout new life to your growing collection

Decorate, feel good and set a green mood all at the same time with these plants.

Use your plant pot for other things than plants

If your green plant didn’t go as planned, you can still keep the beautiful pot and repurpose it somewhere else in your home. In your hallway, try a large size to hold umbrellas, totes, and other outdoor gear. This one in natural bamboo has an inner saucer to collect excess water.

Two different sized KLYNNON plant pots in natural bamboo. One large with a tropical plant and the smaller keeps umbrellas.