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The secrets of baby sleep

Babies usually get enough sleep. They’re built for it and can sleep up to 20 hours per day in the first six months of life. It’s when they do most of their growing – both physically and mentally. Sleep is a natural state, but that doesn’t stop babies from keeping their own crazy schedule, which is likely to take no notice of night and day. 

Want to get baby in the mood to snooze? Try our 4 tips below…

A mother holds her baby's toes and is smiling as the baby lies on yellow bedsheets with a crib in the background.
A mother holds her baby's toes and is smiling as the baby lies on yellow bedsheets with a crib in the background.

Tip 1: Safe sleep for baby

Newborn babies don’t sweat. Their glands are actually still developing, so they can’t regulate their own body temperature. We developed a sleeveless, 100% sustainably grown cotton baby sleeping bag as a safe and healthy way for babies to maintain an even body temperature, free from the risks associated with loose fabrics.

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Tip 2: Skin-to-skin

There is growing evidence of the benefits of skin-to-skin contact – laying a baby on their care giver's chest (especially shortly after birth). This has a calming effect on both baby and you, as well as having a regulating effect on many biological activities. Holding your baby to your chest at any time can be effective in calming baby and inducing sleep.

Tip 3: A cozy nursery

You don’t need to have an entire room for baby in order to make a space that feels like a cozy sanctuary. You can even make an area of your bedroom just right for baby with a glowing night light, a mobile and warm, tactile fabrics (though we recommend keeping the crib blanket-free for young babies).

Tip 4: We all sing lullabies

The rocking melody in lullabies is universal, from North America’s ‘Rock-a-bye baby’ to Sweden’s ‘Mors Lilla Olle’ and China’s ‘Shi shang zhi you mama hao’. The back and forward motion of a lullably has a settling effect on all humans – so it will calm baby and you, too.

A crib that grows with baby

The safest way for newborn babies to sleep is alone in a crib with no pillow, toys or loose blankets. Our adjustable crib bases allow you to set the crib in a high position for newborns, and gradually lower the base (and even detach one side) as baby grows.

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We use magic textiles!

All of our crib textiles are made from cotton or lyocell, both natural materials that are soft against the skin. Lyocell is a fibre made from wood pulp and it has magical properties: it draws moisture away from the skin in order to help baby maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature all night long.

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Create your nursery

Don’t forget that when you’re making a nursery space for baby, you‘re just as much making a nursery space for you. Consider your practical needs. Make sure a changing table or space to change baby is easy to access and at a comfortable height for you. Place nursing and clothing essentials in easily accessible drawers and include a seat comfy enough that can double as a bed when it needs to.

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Getting enough sleep?

Koalas are world champion sleepers. They can sleep up to 22 hours a day! Your baby might be on the podium, too. Even though a napping baby allows you time to get things done around the home, try to make sure some of baby's nap times are for both of you. You might not be a koala, but you’re not a giraffe either (giraffe's prefer a couple of hours of sleep per day, taken in tiny chunks – sound familiar?).

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