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5 essential tips for starting out at home with baby

Babies are superbly designed. Better than anything we or anyone else could make. The best we can do is to design things that work perfectly for them, helping them to grow safely and naturally. A lot of companies claim to be baby experts but at IKEA we’re a little different. We have learned from experience that a baby is part of a family, and if everyone who cares for the baby is feeling good, baby will feel good too! We know it’s not just about baby – it’s about baby and you. Together.

Mother sitting on a wooden chair and baby sitting in white open-sided crib with blue textiles both looking at each other.
Mother sitting on a wooden chair and baby sitting in white open-sided crib with blue textiles both looking at each other.

Tip 1: Baby prep checklist

Preparing for a baby can be quite an overwhelming process! If you only have the opportunity to do 4 things to prepare for home for your new addition, make it these:

  • Blackout blinds or curtains so that you can make the room dark when necessary (this helps baby to differentiate night from day!)
  • Choose a nightlight with a soft glow for easy night feedings and diaper changes
  • Have a nursing pillow handy, such as the LEN pillow to take strain off of your shoulders and back when feeding baby
  • Create a space for baby (and you!) that promotes a sense of calm

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Tip 2: The best for baby

Babies are born with sensitive skin, they take a lot more breaths per minute than an adult and they’re highly sensitive to light and sound. They're such a fragile package! Make your home as chemical-free, soft and calm as possible. You can trust that everything we sell for baby is designed with their safety in mind, with zero tolerance for harmful chemicals.

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Tip 3: Engage baby's senses

In their first months of life, baby’s eyesight and hearing senses are still developing. Light and shade matter more than colour, and melody matters more than words. The movement of leaves or a mobile over the crib will capture baby’s visual attention, and a voice in song or a musical toy such as the KLAPPA caterpillar will stimulate their hearing.

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Tip 4: You need less than you think

If you’re a seasoned pro you already know this, but for the first-time parent, bringing a baby home can feel like a stepping onto another planet. You are ready to buy 10 of everything, plus back-up supplies in case you run out. Surplus guaranteed! Sure, baby deserves your best – but quality is more important than quantity.

Tip 5: Seriously, you’ve got this

A mountain of advice awaits. The deeper you dig, the more contradictory it seems to become. This reality could turn you into a bundle of stress – which is the last thing baby needs. So our advice? Relax, trust your own gut instincts and remember that it’s only advice.

When positioning your crib, put light sources, cords or hooks out of reach, and position the crib flush to the wall, avoiding gaps that little hands and feet can get stuck in.

Jenny Wik, Interior Designer at IKEA

Made for baby milestones

One thing’s certain with babies – they’re always changing. It can make buying products feel like a waste as babies outgrow things so quickly! At IKEA, we design with that in mind. From adjustable cribs with detachable sides to the SUNDVIK changing table that transforms into a chest of drawers, our products can adapt and change as baby grows.

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Designed and tested for baby

Babies are the world’s smallest explorers. At IKEA, we make sure our products have child safety designed into them. This means rounded edges, no gaps or openings for small fingers to get stuck in, no small parts or loose cords, and wall mounting kits for all furniture that requires it.


Babies love sleep. Just like the rest of us. They can happily do up to 20 hours a day in their first six months of life - but not in one go! They are the kings and queens of the nap! Just imagine up to five solid naps per day, with a mere four hours of awake time to play. Sound good? Maybe baby could teach us all a thing or two?

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Can you remember the first food you ever tasted? We know from a baby’s face that every new eating experience can be intense, whatever first foods you offer. From making sure you have the perfect place for feeding to the earliest attempted aeroplane flights from bowl to mouth, we’re with you.

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We believe every child has the right to play. We are so passionate about play, we’ve even created the IKEA Play Report, showing what we’ve learned from both children and adults. Since the whole world is new for babies, play is a multi-sensory experience.

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