NYMÅNE Wall lamp with swing arm, white
NYMÅNE Wall lamp with swing arm, white
NYMÅNE Wall lamp with swing arm, white
NYMÅNE Wall lamp with swing arm, white
NYMÅNE Wall lamp with swing arm, white

Timeless design that’s spot-on. NYMÅNE lamps have attitude but blend right in with most styles and expressions. Combine different lamps from the series for a unified look in your home.

Article Number003.570.09

Product details

As the light can be dimmed, you are able to choose lighting suitable for every occasion.Provides a directed light that is great for reading.You can easily direct the light where you want it because the lamp arm and head are adjustable.Helps lower your electric bill because dimming the lights saves energy. Light bulb sold separately. IKEA recommends LED bulb GU10.Can only be used with dimmable light bulbs.Cannot be combined with TRÅDFRI LED bulbs.May be completed with other lamps in the same series.Max. load 15 kg (33 lb) depending on type of wall and fastening. Screws for wall mounting are not included.Designer

Mikael Warnhammar

  • Base:Steel, Powder coating
    Knob/ Shade:Aluminum, Powder coating
    Arm:Steel, Paint
    Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • NYMÅNEWall lamp with swing armArticle no:003.570.09
    Width: 7 " (18 cm)Height: 3 " (8 cm)Length: 16 " (41 cm)Weight: 2 lb 4 oz (1.03 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

7.5 W
3 " (7 cm)
Cord length: 
8 ' 2 " (2.5 m)


Bedroom lampCondo DownsizerBought this because no room for a lamp on my night table. Works beautifully5
Good light above bed but bad instructionsBBB07Seems like solid construction but as other reviewers have said, the mounting instructions are not good. If I followed the instructions it was impossible to hook the top part of the bracket to the lamp base. I was only successful when I put the screws in the wall first with a slight clearance and without the lamp, then hook the lamp ( already attached to the mounting plate ) onto the screws. I also agree the white wire is in the way of the mounting screw. It could so easily have been clamped off to the side during manufacturing to avoid abrasion by the screw . I also agree about the high-pitched buzzing when the bulb is dimmed but perhaps this is a characteristic of dimming led bulbs4
Great reading lampMel000876My kid picked this out for her reading light for her bed. Installation was not as difficult as a lot of people have indicated. The brightness is perfect for reading and really like how much directional lightening you can get with it.4
poorly designed mounting systemelectrician since 1972The person responsible for the mounting system has no grasp of mechanics, electricity, or the law of gravity. The mounting bracket should be designed to support the fixture at the top and the two small screws should hold the bottom in place, not support the entire weight of the fixture ! Also, the wire routing inside the fixture is incorrect. The supply wire ends up being pressed and abraded against the bracket lower wall mounting screw. How this fixture passed CSA inspection, I'll never know. The discontinued PS 2012 wall lamp was far superior in every way. I am returning these 2 Nymane lamps ASAP.1
Perfect for over night tableThegooberExtends over bed for easy reading and then out of the way. Works fine. Looks fine.4
Mount design & small screws = Hard to installEugWThis would be a better product if the designers changed the mounting method. I echo the other reviews that state the mounting method is made difficult by the top clasp of the mount bracket and short screws at the bottom. The problem is the instructions tell you to remove the mount bracket which is secured to the shell of the lamp's base with two very small screws. Once you remove those screws the top of the base comes right off the top of the mount bracket. Then they advise screwing the mount bracket to the wall and once that's done, putting the lamp base back on the mount bracket and then putting back those tiny screws to secure the lamp. Easy right? Nope. The problem is that by design there is a lot of play when you put the lamp base on the bracket, so with those small screws, it's very difficult to thread the screws back into place to secure the lamp. The screws are short and the mounting bracket is somewhat flexible. So if the screw holes are misaligned it's easy to push mounting bracket away while screwing in the screws, and even if they are not misaligned, the screws are short enough to not always catch the thread easily when on the wall. The screws are also very easy to lose. In the end I chose a different method. I put two mounting screws in the wall that fit through the mounting hole of the mounting bracket, and then just screwed the screws into the wall alone. Then with the mounting bracket already mounted on the lamp, I just hung it on the screws. This is not necessarily ideal, but seemed to work the best. I screwed in the screws leaving its heads < 2 mm away from the wall so when I hung the lamp on them it was a snug fit that was flush against the wall. On the plus side, the swing arm makes it very versatile for placement, and Ikea sells both 400 lumen and 600 lumen GU10 dimmable lightbulbs. For my purpose 600 lumens was the best.2
Wall lampCelineClerouxDoesn't take space and the dimmer is great. It's perfect for reading in bed. Now, I need a other one for my knitting spot in the living room.5
NoiseSummer1234I had to exchange with other light cause the light bulb made bery high notes annoying sounds not recommend as a bed light2
Perfect Wall LightI love EASYGreat light for above the bed. It is so easy to move, and swings out so easily. I love that the light itself is also adjustable to different angles, so no matter how you need it - it works great over the bed. I loved it so much, I bought 2 more, and will be getting another two this weekend. The only difficulty was getting the small screw in the bottom of the light. My husband figured it out, just angle wise it was a little hard to see where it had to go.5
Impossible to install.Ottawa professorVery nice looking lamp, although wobbly model in actual IKEA store should have suggested trouble. The LED light bulb isn't the easiest to insert into it, although once in, it is a good spot light. If you have long nails or big hands I suspect you will have a problem inserting the LED bulb in. As for getting it to the wall, I tried to install it as a reading lamp but could not complete the job due to the very tiny screws that need to go into the bottom of the front plate to attach it to the plate that screws into the wall. Too small to get them to align properly and they wouldn't thread. This will go back, after wasting an hour of my Saturday evening, and creating two ugly screw holes in my wall. I have successfully installed Alang lamps and the two light version of this Nymane (the up-down version for $19.95) and they were OK, although not well designed for easy installation unless you have a level. For $39.95 this should have been better and easier to install. Waste of time and now need to make a trip to return the two I bought to match.2
Perfect Wall LampHubby65Purchased this lamp to provide light over my wife's jewellry box. Easily attached to wall and swings out to where she needs the best light and then can be moved out of the way. Great product.5
Save your timeKseanBought this light and a new bulb two times and was let down both times by the exact same problem. The light works fine on full brightness but when you try to dim the light with the dimmer knob it flickers one blinks like a strobe light or doesn't work at all. If you are looking for a light that dims save your time and money and look elsewhere.1
Great lamp, hard to mountPoultheskaldLamp performs excellent but the wall mount bracket is very difficult to set up. The top half of the bracket does not hold the lamp firmly in place until the screws are almost twisted off on the lower part of the case.3

Wall lamp with swing arm, white

Light bulb sold separately. IKEA recommends LED bulb GU10.
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NYMÅNE Wall lamp with swing arm, white