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Step into a Japandi-inspired bedroom for mother and daughter

Meet the woman behind Brook & Peony

Emilie is a full-time content creator, stylist and single mother of Brook. This mother-daughter duo shares an old apartment with a lot of character in the village of Saint-Lambert, right across the water from Montreal. Inspired by Nordic countries, Emilie is always looking for new ideas to decorate her apartment and shares her best tips on her social media.

Content creator and stylist Emilie, sitting on a bench in front of a gallery wall in her apartment.
Content creator and stylist Emilie, sitting on a bench in front of a gallery wall in her apartment.

“With this bedroom, I wanted to create a safe space. My daughter has always had trouble with sleep and I’ve spent weeks over the years trying to establish a routine where she sleeps on her own. Even though she has her own bedroom, our solution ended up being co-sleeping. That is what worked best for us. The day I fully assumed my "co-sleeping situation", I felt so relieved about the pressure I put on myself. Waking up to the happiest little girl, with the warmest smile, always makes it all worth it.”

“When I started planning the layout (which probably changed five times along the way) I wanted to make clear divisions between all the different areas. That way, it would be easier to tidy up. It could be challenging for this small space, but with IKEA's small-space furniture designs it became possible. I wanted the room to be bright and airy with simple lines and a lot of natural material to give it the "Japandi" look.”

Make room for dreams

“Who hasn't fallen in love with the GJÖRA bed frame? I had no doubt it would be the main focus of the bedroom with its simple design and solid birch frame. To store all the bed linens we use RÖMSKOG underbed storage, since the bed has plenty of room underneath. With the KLUBBSPORRE ergonomic pillow, I always have the best sleep. Especially with a little one in bed, a pillow that allows you to feel comfortable in any position is essential.”

A storybook bedtime

“Before bed, it’s always cuddle time with a book on the GRÖNADAL rocking chair. I use a blanket for comfort and we spend at least 30 minutes a day here for mother and daughter time. It's a good time to put my phone away and leave it to charge on the RIGGAD wireless charger.”

Small on space, big on style

“Since our place is a rental, I worked with the existing wardrobe. That's why I went with the MULIG clothes rack to hang my most delicate pieces and I fold the rest in the KOMPLEMENT boxes.”

Designs you can work with

“With the narrow space I had, the LISABO desk was the perfect fit. The shelf above allows storing paper works, samples and plants to decorate. I did an "IKEA hack" with two IVAR cabinets that I overlapped and painted. I use them to store all my crafts and important documents.”

I'm very happy with the result. My goal was to create a multifunctional bedroom where we would both feel at peace.

Emilie Desjarlais, Brook & Peony

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Photographer: Emilie Desjarlais
Writer: Emilie Desjarlais
Follow Emilie on Instagram: @brookandpeony