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Home visit: how to grow a window garden

Want to enjoy nature at home but don’t have a garden or balcony? Turn your window space into a place for growing plants and herbs indoors. In Portugal, a window garden has helped Andreia to reconnect with nature at home.

Grow a window garden at home
Grow a window garden at home

GROW HIGH AND LOW A window garden doesn’t just mean storing plants on a windowsill – it’s about using the natural light to grow a living wall of greenery inside your home. ‘When macramé got trendy again, I started hanging plants from the curtain pole above our biggest window,’ says Andreia. ‘Since then, I’ve made this window the focus of our indoor garden, with plants of all shapes and sizes growing at lots of different heights.’

When I was younger I always said, “I’d rather have flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck.” I love my plants and flowers – they’re relaxing and calming

Andreia, textile artist, Portuga

TIPS FOR INDOOR PLANT CARE Indoor plants take good care of you – they boost your wellbeing, help to clean the air and keep you connected to nature at home. So make sure you return the favour with Andreia’s top tips:
1. Monitor the levels of sunlight through your window and select plants that suit these conditions. Be ready to move your plants around as the seasons change.
2. Choose plants that fit with your lifestyle too, so that you’re more likely to take care of them. Cacti and succulents are great if you’re looking for low-maintenance options.
3. Plants will grow towards the light source, so turn your pots 180 degrees every few days, for even growth all over.
4. Take cuttings from plants that are thriving, stand them in water, and wait for new roots to appear so you can restock your window garden.
5. Repot your plants in larger containers as they grow – spring is generally the best time to do this.

You will need: wool, scissors, a potted plant, a wooden ring
1. Cut four 3m lengths of wool. Hold them all together, fold in half and push the folded end through the wooden ring. Take the other ends and pull all the strands through the loop of wool, then pull to tighten. You should now have eight pieces of wool hanging from the wooden ring.
2. Divide the strands into twos, so you have four pairs. Now knot each pair together, about 50cm down the wool.
3. 10cm further down the wool, knot the left-hand strand from one section to the right-hand strand in the next pair. Repeat this with each pair.
4. Repeat step 3 until you get to the bottom. Finally, knot all the strands together at the end without the wooden ring – this is where your plant pot will sit.
6. Place your plant pot inside the macramé and hang it from its wooden ring.

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