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Gifts for bakers like cookware, kitchen accessories and more

What's the secret to the tastiest cakes? It's a combination of fresh ingredients, a little know-how, and the right baking tools for the job, like IKEA bakeware and kitchen utensils.

A frosted cake on a BAKGLAD cake stand.

Capture the aroma of the season

There's a particular buzz of excitement that you can only experience when you enter the room carrying a spread of freshly baked goodies. As the aroma of cakes and cookies spreads around the table, so do the smiles and good vibes. Keep that happy energy rolling with IKEA kitchenware, table linens, and serveware that give your family gatherings an extra touch of magic.

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Bright dining room with white table with white dinnerware, a glass carafe with water, and a three tier KVITTERA serving stand.
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    Give your baker the kitchen tools to keep the tasty treats coming

    Put together a personalised baking gift set for your favourite baker with IKEA kitchen items. Help them stay organized with VARIERA utensil trays, knife trays, and pot lid organizers. Pick a selection of VARDAGEN baking pans and moulds along with LÄTTBAKAD cookie scoops and cooling racks as a practical and thoughtful gift set. Wrap them in paper or just add a pretty bow.

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    Brighten their kitchen with gifts for bakers

    The baker in your life loves mixing, kneading, and measuring. Whether you're shopping for an experienced baker with a flair for pastries or a novice mixing up their first pan of brownies, boost their bakeware setup. Make it easy for them to grab the tool they need to bake something sweet.

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    Countertop covered with baking ingredients and IKEA dishes and baking accessories.
    Young girl mixes batter wearing matching chef’s hat and IKEA holiday apron.
    Holiday cookies and bread in IKEA storage jars and decorative items.
    Unbaked apple pie, IKEA baking utensils, blue and white tea towels and two knives on a chopping board.
    Three different holiday cakes displayed on glass and metal IKEA cake stands.
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      Nothing warms the heart and delights the senses like the smell of goodies fresh from the oven. Baked goods instantly transport you to the memory of a cherished holiday gathering. For some that means elegant pastries. Others might favour savoury breads. Mouth-watering cakes and cookies are always a winner. A gift box of utensils and baking accessories is ideal. Choosing the best gifts for every type of baker is almost like picking out two gifts in one. IKEA baking gift sets are a sweet surprise for the baking enthusiasts in your life, and an even sweeter one for the people who get to eat the finished products.

      The IKEA kitchen array offers baking gift ideas that make it easier for a baker to prepare biscuits, cakes, and sweets year long. From setting up a baking area with the right mixing bowls and measuring cups to storing leftovers, IKEA cookware is perfect. You'll find festive table settings, colourful kitchen linens, decorative trays, cake stands, and more. Boosting your loved ones' baking potential with an affordable selection of cookware and baking gift sets is a gift that keeps on giving. After all, it might be you that gets to taste everything when it’s done!