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Induction cooktops

Messy mornings before leaving for work, children waiting to be picked up after school. When you're finally back home at the end of the day, you want dinner preparation to be hassle-free. The hustle of everyday life may be stressful, but cooking should be a breeze.

With an induction cooktop you can cook your meal quickly and safely, without the hassle of regular cooktops. A two-litre pot of pasta water can boil within minutes. Also, with induction technology there’s no risk of little ones burning their hands on a hotplate.

The induction cooktop works by heating your cookware directly, instead of just transferring the heat from cooktop to pan and pot. In other words, the cooktop itself stays almost completely cold, as induction places the heat directly into the base of the pot or pan.

Which pans and pots can I use for induction cooktops?

For an induction cooktop you need to be aware of which kinds of pots and pans you're using. These pots and pans need to have a flat base made of ferrous or “magnetic” metal. This is common among good quality cookware. To be sure you pick the right ones, look for the coil symbol on the base. See all our pots and pans here.

Cooking tips for an induction cooktop

Induction cooktops are known for heating up the cookware quickly, which is both efficient and timesaving. Because of this speed, we recommend you prepare all the ingredients and chop all the veggies before you heat up the pan. Remember to not heat cookware when it's empty. It can overheat and become discoloured.