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TILLREDA Portable induction cooktop, 1 zone white

Price $ 65.00

2 year limited warranty

How to get it

This portable cooktop is perfect for smaller kitchens or wherever you need an extra cooking zone. It’s easy to move around and can be stowed away when not in use to free up counter space for other activities.

Article Number104.935.20

Product details

2 year limited warranty. Read about the terms in the limited warranty brochure.

Perfect for the smaller kitchen or wherever you need an extra cooking zone.

You can quickly start cooking since the cooktop easily plugs in with the included plug.

Induction cooktops are extremely energy efficient, fast and precise as induction technology transfers energy directly into magnetic cookware.

The touch/press control panel allows you to regulate the heat easily and precisely by just touching the + and – symbols.

Always put the cooktop on a flat, stable surface when using it.


Johan Frössén

  • Cooktop with induction cooking zone: 1x175 mm.

    1x2000W induction zone.

    Connection rating: 1800W.

    Current: 15A.

    Voltage: 120V.

    You will find complete information about the installation and use of this product under the tab Assembly instructions & documents.

    Induction cooktops requires cookware with magnetic base.

    If you are uncertain about whether your cook- and fryware is safe to use on an induction cooktop, check with a magnet to see if the base is made of a magnetic material, which is a must.

    The cooktop may produce low humming, whistling or ticking sounds. These sounds are caused by the induction technology and they are completely normal.

    Cord/cable included.

  • Care

    Do not use scouring-powder, steel wool, hard or sharp tools which can scratch the surface.

    After cleaning, be sure to wipe dry with a soft cloth.

    Remove stains and food residue after each use using a cloth damped with warm water and a mild detergent.

  • Electronic display with child lock.


Width: 26.9 cm (10 5/8 ")

Depth: 32.4 cm (12 3/4 ")

Height: 6.3 cm (2 1/2 ")

Weight: 2.70 kg (6 lb)

Cord length: 140 cm (55 1/8 ")

  • TILLREDAArticle Number104.935.20

    Width: 34 cm (13 ½ ")

    Height: 9 cm (3 ½ ")

    Length: 41 cm (16 ")

    Weight: 3.04 kg (6 lb 11 oz)

    Package(s): 1

Ratings and reviews

Used it to cook duringLadaUsed it to cook during renovation. Bought it also to get a feel of comfort with an induction cooktop.4
Now I can cook more things!NIGELI used to only be able to cook four things, but now I can cook FIVE THINGS5
For about 3 months sinceCarolinaFor about 3 months since I bought this, I was enjoying the use of induction until yesterday, I noticed it started to show like a scratch. It started with one scratch & then it progresses to more than one. Decided to check these scratches & realized it wasn’t a scratch. It were cracks. It was deteriorating. I Was so disappointed.2
Tillteda cook topSandraHeats up quickly and saves using stove top5
Good value for the money But...SamyThe unit works as expected but It had two main problems. 1- It turnes off if you take the pot off. This is very frustrating if you want to control the heat without using the controls every time. 2- The fan is a bit too noisy and it sounds like its defective. I would still recommend it if you are on a budget.4
Annoying high frequency buzz even when it's OFFHENRY H.It works great but it's very annoying for people with good hearing. It buzzes at a high frequency once it is plugged.2
Not working properlyLUCIE C.works when plugged in but DOES NOT work when hooked to an inverter so therefore it is useless for travel and camping ...and yes our inverter is plenty powerful enough to run it3
Late 2022 refresh—cost cuttingDonovan Z.This product is a refresh of 504.223.90 which seemed to disappear earlier this year when I was looking for another. I was disappointed to find the timer and fry functions, wattage display, and the cord handle/winder around the back are all absent in this new model. This would have complemented the existing model well as a cheaper option, but not as a replacement. Here's hoping the quality and longevity of the internal components aren't compromised by this refresh.2
Does not work with all potsWILSONLooks good, good value, but does not work with all metal pots. Needs special magnetic pot or something? What is the point of buying?1
Our go to during powerBIRUTAOur go to during power outages…..5
Value for money and good designKA K.The design and performance is very good one star deduce for the thickness, would be perfect if the product is thinner that easy to reach for hot pot gathering4
Nice productChing W.Fast to boil4
Portable InductionDanielWe had to use this unit because our full induction cooktop was out of commission. I picked it up and was very pleased that a unit at this price point did a great job. Very happy and we have it as a backup as well!5
Was great, while it workedSamantha M.I really loved this little cooktop, it boiled water in about half the time of a regular coiled cooktop. I purchased it online 3 months ago, and suddenly the other day, it shorted out when I changed the temperature, and now doesn't work at all. Really disappointed, not worth returning, as I live far away from any Ikea stores (hence the online purchase). Not sure if I would feel comfortable buying another item like this from Ikea, as it appears to have faulty wiring.3
One month in so far so goodConnor S.Have been using this twice a day for the past month or so to cook pasta, one of the least expensive units on the market and it can boil water quicker than some other induction hobs. 9 power adjustment levels and a very simple interface with a safety lockout and a lockout while it's on is handy, as well as the pot/pan presence detection reacting very quickly. It draws between 0.9-1.5W while plugged in and turned off so to conserve some power it would be best to keep it unplugged while not in use. Nice to have some peace of mind with the 2 year warranty too.5
Faulty productKristiBroke after about six uses. The drive to Ikea to return it for a refund doesn't make sense but I will go there before the 365 day return policy is up.1