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Foam & latex mattresses

Soft, flexible and supportive

Many people like the way that a latex, foam or memory foam mattress moulds itself to your body. Or the way that it absorbs the movements of a fidgety partner. Simply choose the comfort, material, and price level that suits your sleep from our wide range. Soft and resilient, these latex and foam mattresses spread your body weight evenly to promote restful sleep and better blood circulation. Their flexibility makes them a great fit for our adjustable bed slats.

Our benefits: Roll-packed | 365 days to change your mind | 10 year warranty

Did you know? 
It can take up to 72 hours to return a roll-packed mattress to its actual size. Also, when you buy a new mattress, it can take your body up to four weeks to adjust to it. 

Mattress removal
When you purchase an IKEA mattress and have it delivered, for a small fee we will take your old one away. This service can only be booked directly in-store. Visit your local store for more information.

A soft and resilient natural material that offers personalized comfort by moulding to your body. You’ll relax more fully as it distributes your body weight to relieve extra pressure and provide precise support.

Memory foam
A soft and resilient material that responds to your body temperature and moulds itself to the contours of your body. You’ll relax more fully as it distributes your body weight to relieve pressure and provide optimum support and comfort.

Gel memory foam
Gel capsules in the memory foam take a longer time to warm up creating a cooler sleeping surface.

High resilience foam
High quality foam that closely follows your movements to provide support and relieve extra pressure.

Gives you all-over support and comfort.

A memory foam mattress, foam mattress or latex mattress is a soft and resilient mattress that has quite a few advantages. It doesn’t matter which of these three materials you choose - the characteristics and advantages of these three type of mattresses are similar. Some people may have a slight preference for one over the other, but for most people it’s enough to simply consider which degree of firmness and price fits them.

A memory foam mattress moulds after your body

What exactly makes a memory foam mattress so special? The most obvious advantage of these mattress types is that they mould after your body. This is especially true for the memory foam mattress, which provides complete support for ultimate comfort. The mattresses structure means you avoid placing pressure on any body part, no matter sleeping position.

Some of our mattresses come with stretchable, knitted ticking on the surface that boosts point-elasticity which make them even better at relieving stress on your neck, hips and shoulders.

Absorbs impact

Another advantage, that people often are less aware of, is that any kind of foam mattress or latex mattress absorbs impact from movement. This makes it an ideal mattress type for both somebody that tosses and turns at night as well as for somebody that shares their bed with a fidgety partner.

Flip over your mattress for durability

Lastly, many of our foam and latex mattresses can be flipped and turned over so that they last even longer. This gives one side an opportunity to rest and get its original shape back while you sleep on the other side.

Give your memory foam mattress some time

Did you know that it can take up to 72 hours for a mattress that’s been packed in a roll to resume its actual size and shape? And it also can take your body up to four weeks to adjust and get used to a new mattress. So give it some time when trying out a new mattress.

Have more questions about IKEA mattresses? Check it out to learn practical information that helps you choose the right mattress for your comfort needs.