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Kids mattresses

Comfort isn’t the only quality that’s important in a kids mattress. It also has to stand up to their nightly needs for several years. Our toddlers' mattresses have a breathable, pressure-relieving design for growing bodies, and most have removable and machine-washable covers for fresh sleep.

Do you want sweet dreams and uninterrupted sleep? In that case, making sure your toddler has a comfortable mattress is a top priority. We can’t guarantee that a comfy mattress will make your child sleep through the night – or that it will let you do the same. But it does help your chances.

Luckily, we have a large selection of mattresses for kids from toddlers to teenagers. And some can even grow with your children.

Toddlers mattresses with child-safe zippers

Fiddly, curious little fingers can find zippers quite intriguing. To avoid any unnecessary risks, we’ve made the zipper child-safe by taking away the tab on the zip. This makes the zip on the mattress much more difficult to open. We recommend you insert a paper clip through the loop to open and close the zip easily. Just make sure you always remove the paper clip afterwards.

A kids mattress that’s easy to clean

When potty-training a child, some accidents are bound to happen. Especially at night. That’s why a toddler’s mattress must be equipped to deal with them.

Nearly all of our toddler mattresses have covers that are both easy to remove and machine washable – making them easy to keep clean and fresh longer. The ones that don’t have machine washable covers can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth and flipped to the other side.

Having the option of flipping a kids mattress makes managing nightly accidents quicker and easier. Some of our toddlers' mattresses even have a handle on the side for easier flipping and carrying. That way you can get your child back to sleep with minimal fuss. And as a bonus, the mattress lasts longer.

During times when nightly accidents are more of a routine, consider adding a mattress protector. Some of our mattress protectors are completely waterproof, keeping your kid’s mattress completely clean and dry. However, all of them are machine washable and at least water repellent, meaning your children mattress will last longer.  

Don’t forget the bed

A mattress is only part of keeping your toddler comfortable. Luckily, we have a wide selection of different kids beds to fit our mattresses perfectly.

If it feels like your toddler grows an inch every time you blink – why not try an extendable mattress and extendable bed that can keep up? That way you’ll be ready for your child’s growth-spurs, so your wallet won’t have to.