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Crib and baby mattresses

All of our baby crib mattresses meet strict safety standards so both you and your baby can rest easy each night. Our removable, machine-washable crib mattress covers are designed to provide good ventilation and have child-safe zippers, too.

To get a good night’s sleep you need a calm and comfortable environment. But with a baby in the house, nights can quickly get chaotic. So, by helping your baby get comfy, you have a greater chance to get a few hours of undisturbed rest.

With one of our comfortable mattresses in the baby’s crib, you will help your baby get content, relaxed and safe; three key ingredients for sweet baby dreams. Hopefully, this will also give you some well-deserved rest.

Keep your baby mattress clean

A dry, clean and fresh mattress is essential for comfortable sleep. But accidents do happen, especially with babies. That’s why our baby mattresses are easy to keep clean and dry.

Most of our crib mattresses have a removable outer cover that is machine washable at 60 degrees. That is hot enough to keep it clean, whichever lovely accidents your baby surprises you with in their crib. It’s also hot enough to kill dust mites that can bother your child’s sensitive skin.

Did you choose a mattress without a removable and machine washable cover? Don’t worry! They can still be effortlessly wiped clean with a damp cloth. They can also easily be flipped if moist, so the wet side can dry out while the dry one is used.

Lastly, we also offer mattress protectors with completely waterproof layers. That way, you can guarantee the mattress stays dry, while the mattress cover is easily removable and machine washable.

Safety first

The child’s sleeping environment is important to keep safe. That’s why all our crib mattresses are made to fit perfectly in our cribs. This way, you avoid the risk of creating gaps and edges where children can get their hands or feet stuck.

All our crib mattresses are made from materials that are safe for children’s sensitive skin. They are well ventilated to avoid issues with over-heating that can cause rashes. Additionally, mattresses with zippers have the pull tab hidden inside a small fabric pocket so that curious hands can’t reach them.