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Saving water and energy everyday

Using a dishwasher is a great way to save water. Compared to doing the dishes by hand under running water, a dishwasher will reduce your water consumption by hundreds of valuable litres every year! All our models are ENERGY STAR© certified and among the top energy performers on the market. These integrated dishwashers are designed to be fitted with your choice of cabinet door to match the rest of your kitchen.

A dishwasher is more than just an appliance. It’s a trusted time saver, a practical personal helper and a reliable sanitizer. We all know the feeling of dishes piling up in the kitchen while we’re hosting dinner for friends. It’s a pain – but dishwashers never complain at being loaded with plates and glasses of a merry get-together. This means you can return to the party and enjoy those precious moments with loved ones.

Your diligent dishwasher will return your dishes sparkling clean, just as efficient and effortless every time. The icing on the cake? Letting the dishwasher do the job helps the planet by saving water. Speaking of cake…fancy a slice? Our machines will handle dishes - don’t worry about it.

Size and capacity

Our dishwashers are standard sized which is around 245 inches wide. The wider size is suitable for most households since it takes 12-15 place sittings; roughly all the dishes from three meals from a family of four.

If you’re not sure how to plan, measure and fit a dishwasher in your kitchen, try our kitchen planning service. We can also help you with questions regarding electricity and water, both of which are needed to install a dishwasher.  

Detailed information

On each dishwashers’ product page, you’ll find detailed information about the product. Learn useful things, like which programs the dishwasher offers, how loud it is when in use and how energy efficient it is. Check it out to learn practical information that helps you choose the right dishwasher for your needs.