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Fits your kitchen and your cooking

Our ranges offer a convenient way for you to get a quality stove and oven combined (and with all the functions, too). Whether you choose an electric stove with a ceramic cooktop or go for a gas stove, it will fit perfectly between a pair of IKEA kitchen cabinets.

The stove is where most of the magic happens. A staple of the home kitchen, a good stove and oven combination is the first step toward kitchen mastery - whether you’re an amateur chef or aspiring pro.

Boil, roast, grill, and bake to your heart's content with a quality kitchen range from IKEA Canada.

Ranges and stoves with next-level features

All our range and stoves have clever functions that help you achieve the best possible cooking results. How about high-power burners for stir-frying and rapid boiling? Or low simmer burners for reducing sauces and preparing delicate foods?

Some of our advanced ranges offer even more helpful features like:

  • Built-in timers that let you know when you’ve reached your set cooking time
  • Built-in timers that can set the oven to begin cooking at a predetermined time of your choice
  • Multiple cooking levels and adjustable oven racks, that make it easier to bake or custom broil
  • Fan-forced air convection that spreads heat quickly and evenly making it easier for you to cook or bake several dishes at once without flavours spreading between them
  • Possibility to set specific cooking temperatures and let the stove warn you and switch to an automatic keep-warm setting when the temperature is reached
  • Specific functions for self-cleaning that burn out grease and food residue to ashes that are easily wiped clean 


Make sure to read the product description of each range for a detailed overview of the features they offer.

Cooking in style

With a stove from IKEA, it’s likely going to be the centrepiece of your kitchen. Our ranges and stoves are elegantly designed to fit in any kitchen while being an attention grabber in its own right. Mix and match with other IKEA appliances for a sleek, cohesive kitchen look.

Since our ranges are freestanding, you can place yours wherever you need it. Just don’t forget you’ll need an extractor hood on top. Luckily we have a wide selection of those too, so you can match your new stylish stove.