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For sweet dreams and safe sleeping

Being a new parent is wonderful – and scary. That’s why we ensure our cribs meet the strictest safety standards that exist in the world. Every crib has rounded edges and sidebars spaced at safe distances. Made from non-harmful materials and finishes, they adjust to fit your growing little one, too.

How to choose a crib

Identify individual needs
Both you and your baby will sleep better if you use a crib for the baby. A crib is an enclosed, yet well-ventilated, sleeping environment that your baby cannot roll out of and will not get too warm or uncomfortable in. Most infants sleep deeply and are not easily disturbed by noise, voices or music. However, they do not sleep for long periods at a time and wake up frequently. The enclosed sleeping environment of a crib helps your baby feel sheltered and protected.
In our selection, you can find cribs with a traditional touch or cribs with modern shapes. Choose according to your style so it fits with your home.

Designed to grow with your baby
Different living situations require different solutions—but all babies grow fast. That’s why most of our cribs are designed so that one side can be removed when the baby is big enough