SNIGLAR Crib, beech, 27 1/2x52 "
SNIGLAR Crib, beech, 27 1/2x52 "
SNIGLAR Crib, beech, 27 1/2x52 "
SNIGLAR Crib, beech, 27 1/2x52 "
SNIGLAR Crib, beech, 27 1/2x52 "
SNIGLAR Crib, beech, 27 1/2x52 "

Your baby sleeps safely and comfortably in this crib. Made from solid beech – a durable and renewable natural material that is both good for your wallet and the planet.

Article Number502.485.41

Product details

The bed base can be placed at two different heights.One bed side can be removed when the child is able to safely climb into and out of the bed.Your baby will sleep both safely and comfortably as the durable materials in the crib base have been tested to ensure they give their body the support it needs.The crib base is well ventilated for good air circulation which gives your child a pleasant sleeping climate.For your child's safety, use a 27½x52" crib mattress with our cribs.Complies with US standard 16 CFR 1219.Do not leave anything in the crib or place the crib close to anything that could provide a foothold.It is important not to screw in hooks or handles onto the crib or place it near ropes, belts, curtains or anything else that can present a suffocation or strangulation hazard.We recommend you complete the crib with an IKEA mattress.Conversion kit included.Mattress and bedlinens are sold separately.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Article Number502.485.41
  • Main parts/ Spindles/ Bed base frame:Solid beech
    Bed rail:Solid beech, Solid beech
    Fabric:100 % nylon
    Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • SNIGLARCribArticle no502.485.41
    Width: 30 ½ " (78 cm)Height: 5 " (13 cm)Length: 53 ½ " (136 cm)Weight: 40 lb 9 oz (18.40 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

53 7/8 " (137 cm)
29 1/8 " (74 cm)
33 1/8 " (84 cm)
Bed width: 
27 1/2 " (70 cm)
Bed length: 
52 " (132 cm)
Max. load: 
50 lb (22.70 kg)

Ratings and reviews

Great Minimalist cribStephanieSuper cute and minimalist! Easy to assemble. Instructions are easy to follow, but ONLINE!5
Great looking crib and veryRichardGreat looking crib and very easy to assemble.5
Some short comingsNvredyAlthough a very good price point, I felt the wood was rough and the support for the mattress lacking. Would recommend if not very day use and for newborns because of the support. Would also recommend to either paint or stain to remove roughness.3
CribANTIQUERI am very happy with the crib. It is a good size, not too big, perfect for nanny’s house. My hubby says the instructions were garbage.5
Good price but doesn’t last that longTigerMommyI bought one of these cribs back in 2014, was good value, only $79 at the time. The reason I chose it was because it supposed to be convertible to a tot bed, however, after a yr of use, the bottom of the crib started sinking about half inches, but since the mattress was thick enough, it still safe to use until he turned 3. We couldn’t locate the piece that they said was included in the package to do the conversion, we tried ordered it but the store but they said they don’t sell it separately. Now my son is 5, he still love his crib still fit in it very well but it doesn’t make sense to confine him in a crib anymore as we have no way to turn it to a tot bed that it supposed to be, so it ended up sitting at the corner of the room for a whole yr now.. very disappointed2
Great value, super cute but....Sz2018This crib is super cute and the price point is great. Assembly was easy once we found the instructions which are placed in a pouch that is stitched to the base of the crib. The smaller booklet is only for converting the crib into a toddler bed. My biggest complaint is the printed warning labels on the exterior sides of the crib. Instead of placing a sticker, the warning label is written in black ink on the exterior side of the crib and is highly visible. We have been trying to remove it with rubbing alcohol but it is not working that well. We thought we may have picked up a defective product and were going to exchange it, but our friend had the same issue as well. Aside from this, the crib is a beautiful wood color, exactly what we were looking for.4
Great ValueJtg87I love the look and how simple it was to put together.5
Crib for 1st Grand ChildDGR1The crib is great. Assembly instructions were missing from the box. Fortunately IKEA has all the assembly instruction manuals on the website. Problem resolved in 10 minutes. Thank you IKEA.5
Love everything about it... except the warningMGCanSo. Just bought this crib for our unborn baby. I love everything about it. It's non-toxic, simple, sturdy and goes beautifully with our nursery decor. Only dowfall: I was expecting a warning sticker that I could peel off from the side of the crib with some vinegar and elbow grease. Instead, the warning is printed RIGHT INTO the wood. Listen, I understand that there needs to be a warning, but once it's been read and understood, I should be able to take it off. Heck, that's what you did in the product picture on this very page, Ikea!5
CribHalifax shopperBought it for my son he seems happy with the purchase4
Crib for our grandchildPat 02 MPurchased this crib for when our grandson comes to visit. It is a beautiful natural colour which works well in the room. It was relatively easy to put together, however more accurate labeling would have been helpful. It was not clear on the instructions which way the 2 end pieces should go. The stickers that are on the crib should be facing to the outside. When assembling it, I initially had those 2 pieces facing the inside of the crib. Also, it is very frustrating getting the labels removed from the crib. I am still trying my best to peel them off... no luck. I do not want to use any type of chemical on the baby's crib.3
Great price, but disappointed by splintersmmb13I bought this crib about four months ago and was really pleased with it. Great price, simple design and easy to assemble. However, the wood on the bars has started to splinter off really easily and our baby is now at the stage where he is grabbing onto the bars often. Very disappointed.2
Simple and perfectNansKhI bought this for my baby girl almost a month ago and it is perfect!5
Great all natural optionKTBearGiven how much time babies sleep (and thus spend in cribs), I wanted to ensure we purchased a crib with the lowest potential for VOCs off gassing. After having done a lot of research, the Sniglar Crib and the Oeuf seemed like the best two options). We opted for the Sniglar and treated it with Tung Oil from Lee Valley. It is now a beautiful golden yellow and safe if the baby decides to chew it. We paired it with the Naturepedic organic crib mattress. It fits perfectly together. We are very happy with our decision. My only complaint, the stickers IKEA uses to place on the crib (that are right at the baby’s mouth level) are pretty difficult to remove naturally. Obviously, I didn’t want to use a chemical product on it. Ultimately, a hair dryer and coconut oil worked somewhat well, but, it was ridiculously difficult to remove (and must have taken a full layer of skin off my fingers too). IKEA—please consider fixing this.5
Nice simple cribMrsChateauguayThe crib is ideal for small spaces and parents who don’t want to spend too much. The instructions are terrible. If you want to make it a toddlers bed from the start, the instructions make you follow infant bedding steps, then you had to back track.4
So-SoLarissa34785We bought this crib for the simple design and price. Assembly was very simple and easy to understand. The way the base is mounted to the frame however does make me a little nervous for once our son starts walking and is more mobile in the crib, I certainly feel it should be screwed to the frame and we may change this yet. I love the color and design, love the raw wood, and the height makes it very easy to lower our son into it. However I do not like that our son can get his limbs stuck between the bars of the sides of the cribs and does so almost daily. He's not old enough to pull his limbs out if he's on his belly and therefore gets stuck in some pretty uncomfortable - potentially unsafe positions. So to sum up; cost, design, and assembly are great, function I'm not so sure.2
The screws don"t screwAF21Currently putting together my crib. The screws don't screw, they're covered in a blue plastic coating and the instructions are pretty useless. One star because I can't give zero.1
Wood Needs to be coated.Hello8535The wood chips easily, so splinters are to be expected buying this product, unless you use an overcoat but other than that the price is great.2
Excellent for those on a budget.Cyn50We bought this for our Grandsons visit. Lovely crib, two mattress settings. Also comes with side rail for conversion to crib size day bed. Only drawback, side rail doesn’t lower making it difficult, at times for a short adult to easily access child. I am 5’ tall and we placed the mattress on the lowest setting, making it very difficult for me to pick him up unless he was sitting.4
Good cribNedimGood crib for newborns and toddlers. It's difficult to setup because the manual is terrible unlike other products4

Crib, beech27 1/2x52 " (70x132 cm)

Mattress and bedlinens are sold separately.
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SNIGLAR Crib, beech, 27 1/2x52 "