Cookware & tableware

Clever, durable tools make cooking easier, and more fun to master a new recipe

We’ve got great ways to store and save food too, so there’s less waste. Stick to a classic look or change with every season when you’re setting the table, there's no fixed rules. So match every piece or mix them all up and you’ll have the perfect recipe for making every moment (cooking, serving or eating) feel as good as the food tastes.


A feast for the eyes

Gathering around the table during the holidays is a delight for all the senses. With the VINTERFEST range you can ensure that even the most rustic of dishes will get the attention they deserve.

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Time to dine

When the cooler weather blows in, so does the season for gathering around the dining table. Whether you are dining alone or welcoming a full table, fill your table with items that reflect the magic of the season.

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Keep food storage simple

Food containers let you keep your food fresher, longer. Fresher food gets eaten, so less waste, more taste and no spills.

Dinnerware sets

Picking out a dish set is an easy and affordable way to get all the dinnerware you need, all in one style and all in one go. Dinnerware sets also save you money versus buying the same items individually.


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