IKEA 365+ Pitcher with lid, clear glass/cork, 51 oz
IKEA 365+ Pitcher with lid, clear glass/cork, 51 oz
IKEA 365+ Pitcher with lid, clear glass/cork, 51 oz
IKEA 365+ Pitcher with lid, clear glass/cork, 51 oz
IKEA 365+ Pitcher with lid, clear glass/cork, 51 oz
IKEA 365+ Pitcher with lid, clear glass/cork, 51 oz

Product details

Also suitable for hot drinks.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer


  • Body:Heat resistant glass
    The glass part is dishwasher-safe. The lid should be washed by hand.Clean the stopper after each use and leave it to dry before next use.The stopper should not be in constant contact with any liquid.
  • No cadmium or lead added.Check for recycling in your area.Renewable material (cork).
  • IKEA 365+Pitcher with lidArticle no:502.797.21
    Width: 7 " (18 cm)Height: 4 ½ " (12 cm)Length: 8 ½ " (22 cm)Weight: 1 lb 2 oz (0.52 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

8 " (21 cm)
51 oz (1.5 l)


Lid is poorly designedRochelleakThe lid falls off when pooring beverage. Would be nice if the quark fit in the jug properly1
Inexpensive pitcher.Jbec61The pitcher is inexpensive but the thin glass and cork lid, not built to last. I’m forever being careful not to bump the glass too hard or get the cork lid too wet. Lid can only be carefully hand washed. The FARLIG pitcher I bought is more expensive but I can see that product lasting longer, having thicker glass and a durable plastic lid. This pitcher is an ok buy.3
Elegant pitcher for cold brew!OllieOllieOxenFreeI use this pitcher all the time for cold brew tea! The handle feels secure even if the pitcher is full. Most importantly no drip spout!5
annastefii like this pitcher for light weight4
Sleek jugLewisTMinimalist but stylish display5
Water pitcherPat 777I have used for a yeatpr and given as gifts, so useful and nice looking5
Good pitcherSarah_0416I bought this pitcher with the purpose of making summer drinks & homemade iced tea (with boiling water). I love the glass pitcher, but am not a fan of the cork lid. The lid constantly has small pieces falling off and landing in the liquid, and it's also a really tight fit and hard to get on/off. I would prefer if it had a plastic lid with a rubber seal, but otherwise it's been great.4
Form and FunctionCressida BThis pitcher combines the sleekness of crystal-clear glass with a casual/rustic cork lid, a very attractive combination. The jug's capacity is substantial, and its full-round handle ensures a good grip for pouring when full. Best of all, the spout does NOT drip! Functional good looks … what's not to like?5
Perfect water pitcherSandra 549I purchased this pitcher because it’s light weight, it has a lid and it’s the perfect size for the refrigerator door.5
Perfect for ice teaMeercatI can pot the newly made hot tea right into the pitcher...don’t have to wait for it to cool down!5
Lid Gets Stuck in PitcherslandenI like the looks of this, but the cork absorbs moisture from the water and swells up so I have to struggle to pull the lid out.2
obomarinaGood stuff. I would recommend it5
Great for water in fridgeSuper productMy friend from USA bought 5 to take home after she used mine5
A LiThe pitcher serves good purposeof storing water n juices.4
2409I love pitchers but it has to have a lid5
beaker holds wateranot herI use this to pour water into things. Took the cork top off and stored it away, sure as heck wouldn't let it near any food. Beaker itself is nice, though, well balanced.5
Cork lid is not food safe long termAnnie67456I've had this pitcher for quite a while and usually use it with liquids reaching about an inch below the bottom of the lid. I washed it and put it away for about a month and just pulled it out to use it. The bottom of the lid is green and kind of black with mould. I would not feel comfortable consuming anything that is stored in this anymore. It's essentially garbage at this point. Any cork lid containers at Ikea should not be used for consumable items.1
Happy customer at IKEABeautiful lines,easy to clean pleasing to look at! Fantastic price , another winner from IKEA!5
ExcellentRubblePerfect size and replacement for my bulky pitcher. Was slightly concerned about the thinness of the glass but so far it seems to be holding up well.5
IKEA 365+ Pitcher with lidwork123This is really great as the other similar product seems to serve the purpose but break due to water too hot. This product has no such problem.5


Cork is a renewable natural material made from the bark of the cork oak. During the tree’s lifetime, the trunk can be stripped of its bark several times. Cork is a lightweight, water-resistant material, making it practical for use at home.

IKEA 365+
Pitcher with lid, clear glass/cork51 oz (1.5 l)

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IKEA 365+ Pitcher with lid, clear glass/cork, 51 oz

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