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Winter home ideas

Bring Home to Life and refresh your home with décor that provides a sense of calm and comfort - just like a warm hug. Embrace the stillness of the freshly falling snow and choose items that reflect your mood. Combine muted colours and natural materials to create a calming space that becomes the perfect setting for those quiet moments.

Woman sits in neutral coloured living room and a dog sits on the sofa across from her.
    SYMFONISK lamp sitting on a window sill beside a wooden tray with vase and small bowls.
    Neutral cushions and a throw on a window seat with a side table and tray with vase to the side.
    Woven HOLMSTA chair with neutral coloured cushions and throws piled on top. An clothes iron sits on the floor beside.
    Light coloured wall with a basket and clothing hanging from a black rack with hooks.

    Breathe easy with a touch of green

    Aside from making homes look pleasant, science says that plants can boost wellbeing, reduce stress and help promote creativity. They provide a boost of oxygen that can help you sleep better and improve your overall mood throughout the day. Add some greenery to any room in your home to reap the benefits and stay positive this winter season.

    Plants & flowers
    Bright bedroom with plants sitting on a light wood bench beside a bed with gray bedding.
      Plant pots and a plant stand sitting on the floor in front of a large window with various sized plants.
        Plants & flowers

        Start the new year with new routines

        Set yourself up for success with organized storage for for every activity. Not only does proper organization help calm the clutter, it will keep you motivated to stay on track with your workout routines. Utilize small corners by storing sports equipment upright or try re-arranging your cupboard to include a spot for items of any size and shape.

        Storage & home organization
        White wall with storage holding various sports equipment. Wooden IVAR cabinet on wall above with white shelving underneath.
          Open IVAR cabinet with a white SKÅDIS board inside holding various sports equipment and a rolled up yoga mat derneath.
            Storage & home organization

            Make room for family time

            Colder days are perfect for spending quality time indoors and taking a moment to enjoy being together. Having flexible space for multiple activities in the same room will allow everyone to do what they like but also feel included just by being close to one another. Family time can be whatever you make of it.

            Dining tables
            Solid wood table shown from above with a family gathered around doing various activities like baking, reading, and building a  puzzle.
              A couple sit talking on a beige sofa with a large bright window behind and a black BURVIK side table in front.
                Dining tables

                Time for self-love

                Pamper yourself by transforming your bathroom into your own personal spa. Use soft lighting, fluffy towels and scented soaps to create a luxurious experience that satisfies all the senses. Be sure to have a towel rack or bench at hand so there is a place for all those little extras that can help maximize your relaxing time.

                Bathroom textiles
                Bathtub filled with bubbles with lit candles along the edge and a bamboo tray with different soaps and scrubs.
                  White bathroom with HEMNES bench, stool with candles, and a white bathrobe hanging in background.
                    Bathroom textiles

                    Healthy eating made easy

                    Take time to prepare wholesome food that nourishes your body and tastes delicious. Having extra containers on hand will make it easy to store away leftovers so you can enjoy every bite. Not only will you reduce waste, you will also save a little money on groceries where every cent counts.

                    Food storage
                    Woman holding a spoon in a glass container with tomato sauce and her other hand holds a container with pasta noodles. A large black pot sits beside.
                      A hand places a container filled with tomato sauce into an open fridge with other food containers.
                        Food storage

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