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Winter home ideas

Bring Home to Life and refresh your home with décor that provides a sense of calm and comfort - just like a warm hug. This time of year, we celebrate by coming together and meeting friends and family. We visit relatives and stay over. We eat, cook and get together in the living room and around the dinner table. We all want to turn our homes into comforting cocoons that give us a boost no matter the weather. 

Create a cozy cocoon at home

The changing of the seasons inspires us to refresh our spaces with home furnishing accessories that reflect the season, and textiles that help us feel warm as the temperatures cool down. ​We create comfortable and cozy spaces where we can relax, unwind, come together and enjoy the coming months.

A TOLKNING pouffe with storage made from rattan in a living room with its cover slightly open with a throw spilling out.
A PERSBOL armchair with a beige SVINDINGE rug on it stands near a rattan TOLKNING pouffe with storage.
Two black TOPPIG lanterns for block candles placed on a wooden outdoor space together with a SNIDAD rattan basket.
A SYMFONISK speaker lamp and a VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor are on a NORDKISA bamboo bedside table next to a bed.
A TUVHÄTTA serving plate in stainless steel with an UPPHETTA coffee/tea maker in stainless steel and glass and GLADELIG mugs.

Effortless overnight hosting

To many, the holiday period often means visitors from out-of-town staying overnight. Often, we need to find clever ways to make space for sleep anywhere and everywhere in our homes.​ With some simple ideas, you can easily make your guests stay more comfortable and keep everyone at ease, including yourself. 

Overnight hosting ideas
A white HEMNES daybed sits against the wall in a small room with light hardwood floors. A white duvet is turned down revealing white pillows.
A bedroom with beige and pink tones has a BRIMNES daybed, a white side table on castors and a white tray table on a beige rug.
Overnight hosting ideas

Hosting soon? Let’s get things organized!

The holidays are that special moment when family and friends gather, whether to celebrate or just enjoy each other's company. As youngsters return from university and loved ones pop in, it's delightful to craft that welcoming vibe in your space.

See storage and home organization
Two HAVSTA cabinets with plinths in white, a SNÖBYAR table lamp, pictures on the wall, and a KRAGSTA coffee table in black.
A MULIG clothes with lots of clothes hanging from it.
A white traditional-style shoe cabinet with black knobs, boots, sneakers, a lamp, a dog figurine, a window and a plant.
Two shoe-filled OMAR metal shelving units framing a hallway corner, beneath wall-mounted white coat and hat racks.
A living room with a BACKSÄLEN 3-seat sofa in front of a red stain/light brown HEMNES bookcase and a pine IVAR cabinet.
See storage and home organization

Winter warmth in every bite

We all know that the winter is the best time for hearty comfort foods. We are gathering with potlucks and buffets of all kinds. It’s time to pull out the slow cookers and make large batches to enjoy for days with the whole family. 

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A dining table ready for Christmas gathering with lots of UPPLAGA plates on top of it.
Two people are preparing food in a white kitchen. An OMBONAD tablecloth covers the table, with several plates and dishes.
A black NISSAFORS utility cart filled with different kitchen items.
A table set for the Christmas holidays, with SÄLLSKAPLIG drinkware on top.
VARDAGEN cast iron frying pan with roasted vegetables placed on ARTISTISK oak chopping board on a table set for a dinner party.
See kitchenware & tableware

Time for self-love

Pamper yourself by transforming your bathroom into your own personal spa. Use soft lighting, fluffy towels and scented soaps to create a luxurious experience that satisfies all the senses. Be sure to have a towel rack or bench at hand so there is a place for all those little extras that can help maximize your relaxing time.

Bathroom textiles
Bathtub filled with bubbles with lit candles along the edge and a bamboo tray with different soaps and scrubs.
White robe folded on small wood stool in bathroom. White slippers underneath
A pair of grey TÅSJÖN slippers and some white towels are in a grey-beige RISATORP basket along with a soap dispenser.
White bathroom with HEMNES bench, stool with candles, and a white bathrobe hanging in background.
Two RÅGRUND wash-basin corner shelves in bamboo. The six shelves are filled with white towels and toiletries.
Bathroom textiles

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