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Fall home ideas

Better when we’re together

There’s nothing better than enjoying a seasonal feast with your nearest and dearest. Set the tone for being together and feeling thankful this fall by setting the table with special care and a little extra love. Use decorative greenery to bring that festive element or try using candles for your centrepiece to create a warm atmosphere.

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Large wooden dining table set for a formal dinner with black FULLTALIG candles in the middle.
Table setting with white IKEA 365+ dishes on solid wood dining table. A glass pitcher and glasses site behind.
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Find your Fall harmony

Fall in love with fall décor

Get inspired by the changing season and refresh your home with earthy tones and natural textures. Create comfortable and relaxing spaces with cozy throws and scented candles. It's time to unwind and come together to embrace the cooler months.

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Dusty blue living room with beige sofa covered in blue and beige cushions and a throw. Black table with flowers in a vase beside.
Clear PÅDRAG vase filled wild grasses on a gray table
Traditional table lamp sitting on a pile of books on a side table beside a small pink clock.
Scented candles sitting on a table with beige table cloth and dark shadows in the background.
Corner of a moden light gray sofa with a throw and cushions. Muted curtains surround.
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Scented candles on a round black side table with a fire burning in the background

Set the mood with Autumn scents

Slow down and relax after a busy day with an ENSTAKA scented candle. With a mix of earthy, smoky and sweet notes, it creates a calm and tranquil atmosphere inspired by wilderness and warming fires. A perfect companion for a quiet moment of reflection, anywhere at home.

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The final harvest

Store up for the coming months with the KRÖSAMOS collection. Inspired by the earthy tones and textures of fall, this rustic collection makes time spent together in the kitchen more memorable. Take a moment to lovingly prepare your harvest bounty by using special jars and containers to share this seasons's flavours with those you love.

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A kitchen countertop and shelf filled with the new KRÖSAMOS collection of glass jars, gift bags and serving trays.
A range of KRÖSAMOS glass jars with lids of varying sizes on a kitchen countertop. They are storing herbs and tea blends.
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Set the scene for your perfect night’s sleep

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep it’s not all about the bed. The things you have on and around the bed can turn a functional room into a tranquil oasis- a place to retreat, relax and recharge. Improve your sleep quality with a completely darkened room by using blackout blinds and swap out your summer blankets for a heavier duvet to ensure your temperature stays just right.

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Bedroom window with dark gray SCHOTTIS blackout blinds half up. Large plant and small decor sit on the window sill with messy gray bed in the foreground.
Window with blinds drawn up showing gloomy weather outside with white SYMFONISK speaker lamp and wooden tray with small decor on window sill.
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