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The Fall Shop

The start of each new season brings a welcomed opportunity to hit the reset button, giving your home a fresh new look. The leaves will start to fall, the days will grow shorter and the weather colder. Now is the time to recharge and relax to bring ourselves back in balance.

Woman sitting on sofa wrapped in brown HÖSTKVÄLL blanket
Wicker chair sitting against window. HÖSTKVÄLL leaf patterned pillow sitting on chair. Brown HÖSTKVÄLL  blanket draped over back of chair

Falling in love with autumn

Get cozy and enjoy autumn with HÖSTKVÄLL collection. Meaning “autumn evening” in Swedish, these textiles, decoration and tableware bring the season’s warm and relaxing atmosphere into your home – whether you are hosting dinners or enjoying a quiet evening on your own.

Shop HÖSTKVÄLL collection
Shop HÖSTKVÄLL collection

Better when we’re together

Dinner’s ready and your guests have arrived. Set the mood for a relaxed and informal meal. Mix and match your favourite plates and glasses, and add a beverage dispenser to free up room on the table. Add a few candles for extra coziness. Unexpected guests? No problem. There’s always room for more when we’re having a good time together. Pull over an extra stool, grab a few more plates, and let the good times roll.

A smooth, everyday flow

Getting ready for the day is much easier when you don’t have to search through clutter to find your things. What do you need to store in your hallway? Shoes? Jackets? Backpacks? You’ll find it easier to choose a good mix of open storage, like shelves, and closed storage, like cabinets, when you know what you need to store – both seasonal stuff and things you use every day.

Find the hallway that says hello in your way

In our hallway gallery, you can browse combinations of clothes and shoes storage, organisers, mirrors and more. There are lots of different styles and sizes – and all at affordable prices. We've picked out the products for you, so it's easy to recreate what you see here in your own home. Take a look and find a hallway solution to welcome you home. 

Hallway tips

A room for living

The long, lazy days of summer may be over, but don’t worry. You can rekindle that feeling by bringing light and warmth into your living room. With mood lighting and soft textiles, you can transform your favourite room into a bright and cozy oasis.