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Spring home ideas

With the arrival of spring, there’s a sense of a new beginning. You can re-invent yourself, and open the door to the new possibilities within your home. Embrace the fresh home décor colour palette that comes with the season and enjoy the boost of energy that comes with it! Whatever your budget is, you’ll find plenty of ways (big and small) to refresh and bring home to life for the season – be it making it more organized, more functional, or simply more beautiful. It's time to clear out the clutter and bring in the flowers.

Embrace a season of new beginnings

With spring arriving, it’s the perfect chance to let soft colors and light into your home. It's time to bring forward new favorites and make your home your haven. Create harmony in your space by coordinating the things that energize and revive you while inviting spring inside with some freshly picked flowers.

A living room setting, with a green JATTEBO sectional couch and different colored pillows spread out across. A white EKET cabinet sits on a wall filled with different accessories.
    A close-up of a green glass KONSFTULL vase filled with freshly picked yellow flowers, sitting on top of a stack of books on a coffee table.
      Live green plants sit in water in glass vases on a wooden tray atop a white cabinet, a rattan table lamp sits beside.

      Re-arrange your green furniture

      Like seating, tables and shelves, plants are part of your furniture. Adding to or rearranging them – extra easy with wheeled plant pots – can mean just as much for a room, not least to add a refreshing sense of spring.

      Easy tips to start spring early

      Wake up to a spring bedroom makeover

      Treat your bedroom to some light and breezy textiles - while also treating yourself to a good night's sleep. Stay cool in the rising temperatures by changing to a lighter duvet and a cooling ergonomic pillow. Switch textiles to more breathable fabrics and softer tones for that spring-fresh feel.

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      A bed with a KLATTERKALLA leaf printed duvet cover, under a REGOLIT polka dotted pendant shade and a green plant sitting in the corner.
        A close-up of a polka dotted and white pillow, sitting on a KLATTERKALA leaf printed duvet cover.
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        Goodbye winter, hello spring

        Spring’s coming in strong and winter is on its way out. Whether you’re storing under the bed or in your wardrobe, use your space wisely while decluttering by picking the right type of storage container for the location and contents, keeping your cold weather favourites in tip top shape for next year.

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        A SKUBB underbed organizer sits unzipped on a bed revealing different colored winter sweaters.
          Two black VARDO underbed organizers are pulled out revealing shoes and other clothing items.
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            Stay home and bring the outside in

            When it’s a grey day outside, a blanket fort can be perfect for getting a fun activity going together. Best of all, it’s easy to do with what you already have at home.

            Ideas for building a blanket fort
            A red ULLTISTEL blanket sits draped over a couch as a man and child make ablanket fort. Different accessories lay on the floor beneath them.
              A pink JATTEVALMO blanket is draped over a single chair, making a blanket fort. Childrens accessories lay underneath.
                Ideas for building a blanket fort

                Outdoor days are here again!

                Be sure to bolster up with textiles for early-season chilliness and cool evenings under the stars. Add solar-powered LED lighting – available both as pendants and lighting chains – for mood and coziness, and you’re all set for the fresh-air season.

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                Outdoor space featuring a set of colorful GULLBERGSO plillows it on a wooden NAMMARO bench with a soft pink throw draped beside with fresh pink flowers sitting beside.
                  Outdoor space featuring a NAMMARO wooden bench with colorful pillows, and a small wooden table in front. String lights hang above.
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                    The great spring clean

                    Even if flowers and higher temperatures aren’t here quite yet, you can still give spring a head start indoors. It’s about that time when a spring clean is the best thing you can do for your home.

                    Shop cleaning accessories
                    A light wood laundry room, clothing hanging off a clothing rack and an ironing board set up with an iron on top. PEPPRIG cleaning accessories it on white shelving.
                      A closeup of a laundry sink, filled with a light pink PEPPERIG bucket full of water and cleaning cloths.
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                        Every(bunny) loves springtime!

                        Turn an egg-colouring session into a shared event: felt-tip pens and watercolours, children and grown-ups. Ready, set, paint! After the eggs-travaganza, prepare for your family's Easter celebration with a Spring-themed table setting. Bring out your favourite tableware and glassware and let your Easter decor reflect the seasonal aesthetic of pastels, eggs and budding greenery.

                        Ideas for dining table settings
                        A child is sitting at a table painting an egg with a marker. White bowls, markers and spring flowers sit on the table.
                        A spring table setting with white serveware, pastel tablecloths and napkins and painted Easter eggs.
                        Ideas for dining table settings