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Our homes are like a blank canvas before us, waiting for us to breathe life into them. Every new pattern, plant and storage bin that you add to your home brings life with it. A round table brings discussion, a love seat brings affection. A little less clutter brings a lot more play. And small sustainable decisions bring a brighter future. Here at IKEA, our designers have combined our home furnishing knowledge with our knowledge of Canadians and their lives at home, to offer solutions to help Bring Home to Life. 

Rendering of a light pink dining room display with string lights above and black kitchen cabinets to the side.

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Rendering of a light pink dining room display with string lights above and black kitchen cabinets. Black and white image of Minna, the designer, is beside.

Store it, cook it, share it.

Hej! I’m Minna, a designer here at IKEA and I designed this kitchen. 

This modern, casual kitchen belongs to a family of four who feel excited about the easy, breezy fixes they made to make it summery and inviting. They are ready to open the door to guests with a fluid, flexible space that welcomes all generations.

It is the perfect season to resume spontaneous gatherings after pausing them for the past couple of years. Choose your favourite foods from the casual buffet, find your seat and let your hair down.

I designed this space to entertain and welcome guests

When you are hosting more guests than your space can typically seat, bring in your outdoor furniture. Adding an extra table can give you more space for seating as well as more space for all of the tasty food and drinks you are serving. Added bonus, its fun and unexpected!

A kids corner in the kitchen is perfect for homework

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the perfect space to create an activity corner for homework, arts and crafts, games and storage. A simple shelf combined with storage carts  is ideal for storing homework and craft supplies - plus it can also serve as a handy charging station.

Small steps toward reducing food waste

After hosting a party, why not chill or freeze leftovers for a quick meal on another day? Minimize waste by using transparent food containers so you can easily see what to eat up first. You might save yourself both time and money.

Rendering of Light green and blue bedroom display. Black and white image of Jose, the designer, is beside.

Fresh it, change it, summer it.

Hej! I’m Jose, a designer here at IKEA and I designed this bedroom.

This bedroom belongs to a young couple. It is their safe space and they like to keep it fresh so they can relax and feel renewed after a good night's sleep. They love embracing the change in seasons with easy and affordable updates, like textiles and fresh greenery.

This bedroom also doubles as their works space. It might not have many square meters, but it is well-organized for storing personal and work items. It makes them feel happy and in control of their life, letting them focus on what matters most.

I designed this room to be a fresh and comfortable nest for summer

Get ready for a new season by refreshing your bedroom. Choose lighter bedding and curtains in natural materials and fresh colours. Flowy curtains let the light and air in during the day, while blackout blinds block out the light at night.

Room for relaxing but also for getting work done

If you live in a small space, take a corner of the bedroom for working from home and add flowy curtains to divide off the space for a good work-life balance. Leverage storage solutions that flow seamlessly between clothes and work storage.

A space for the indoor nature lovers

In the summer, we all spend a lot of time outdoors. Surround your space with plants and flowers to improve your well-being and boost your mood. Place a row of vases with singles flowers, small branches and plant clippings. They bring a light, natural feel to the room.

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