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My improved and flexible home

As our world continues to change and challenge us, having a place to feel at home has never been more important. While everyone wants ­– and deserves – to thrive in their lives at home, we know that many people struggle because their homes aren’t able to meet their needs. Here at IKEA, our designers have combined our home furnishing knowledge with our knowledge of Canadians and their lives at home, to offer solutions that are guided by our powerful vision: to create a better everyday life for the many people.

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Sunshine café at home

Hej! I’m Minna, a designer here at IKEA and I designed this kitchen.

This playful kitchen belongs to a social, young family who wants the summer carnival feeling in their own home. It's a fun, functional and family-friendly space for hosting spontaneous get-togethers. The family has become closer to their neighbours during challenging times and want to stay connected. Participating in seasonal community events has become a memorable and meaningful ritual for them. A neighborhood bake-off, a candy bar or a healthy treat with time spent together. Make the most out of it all. It's a sweet, sweet summer!

I designed this space to cater to the neighborhood!

Create a new summer ritual with your neighbours. A café is the perfect excuse to invite them over for a bake-off or dessert tasting. Mix in a few healthy snacks and put out fresh fruit for smoothies. Be sure to serve plenty of colour with your food, napkins and plate selection! Use tiered trays to display food at different heights to make it look special!

This kitchen is perfect for serving, with a place for everything!

To enhance the café feel, a two-tiered island is perfect. The lower level can be a serving table for children, and the higher level can be seating. Fill out your island with serving platters for cupcakes and treats, and all of the storage underneath for treats and snacks within reach for the neighbourhood kids.

I designed this room with sustainability in mind.

When it comes to kitchens, there are always ways to incorporate sustainability. Did you know that an induction hob consumes up to 50% less energy than a glass ceramic hob? There is money to be saved by choosing appliances with lower energy consumption and taps with water-saving technology. Natural materials in kitchen fronts, worktops and furniture age beautifully and personally, and can be treated to last even longer.

Rendering of home office space, headshot of designer in corner

Better storage, better price

Hej! I’m Isabel, a designer at IKEA and I designed this living room. 

This living room belongs to Liam and his cat, who both aspire to a flexible way of living. The room is a seamless extension of Liam’s passions. His life revolves around his love for greenery – experimenting with new hybrid plants, posting his creations on social media and selling them online. With a mix of hanging ivy, new leaves sprouting in glasses and indirect lighting, the space feels like a cross between a studio and a living room. When the blinds are up, the laboratory and working corner is on. When the blinds are down, it’s time to relax on the sofa, play with the cat and watch a film.

This living room revolves around everything plants.

Growing, storing and selling. Get creative with your plant storage and growing. Rolling carts are great for keeping things contained while being able to move them wherever needed and storage units with plastic covers make the perfect indoor greenhouses. Hooks on the wall wound with string are great for giving your plants space to grow and a stool and roller blind make the perfect photography setup.

This space isn't just for growing plants, but a growing business.

Given our current new normal, working from home, and growing online businesses has become more common than ever before. Pair that with living in a small space, creating multi-functional spaces allows you to use your home for multiple activities. A large desk in your living room, complete with moveable storage, allows you to tuck away and pull out as needed. Ceiling mounted roller blinds allow for closing off your space to photograph your work, while doubling as a movie screen.

Plants are more than just a passion!

Did you know that if you take good care of your house plants, they’ll take care of you too? Aside from making homes look pleasant, science says they boost well-being, reduce stress and help with creativity. Hang plants from the ceiling, let them grow up the walls and place them in pots and baskets on shelving units. You can even make more plants out of the ones you already have. Propagating in jars and vases is a great way to grow more and save money, plus they look great on display!

An oasis of calm

Hej! I’m José, a designer here at IKEA and I designed this kitchen.

This kitchen belongs to a young couple who aspire to an authentic way of living. What they enjoy the most is spending time together, so they created a kitchen where they could be together. Cooking dinner or working from home, they can be together while doing it - whether they are doing the same activity or not. The uncluttered, organized space creates a sense of calm. On display is the marvelous pottery collection they have nurtured for years. To find balance they have added rituals to their daily routine. Making a good cup of coffee started as a hobby and now it is a way of life. Chatting about the day while cooking together has too. They make time for the things they love the most.

I designed this kitchen for smooth morning rituals.

Turn your morning brew into more than a gulp of caffeine, create a moment to quietly connect with yourself through a coffee ritual. Create a coffee station with everything at hand for slow mindful coffee moments. Place your favorite mugs, syrups, and coffees together. Enjoy the whizzing of grinding beans. Pour your coffee slowly into the cup and watch it swirl. Cradle your cup for a few moments to savor the aroma before you sip. Setting up a spot for coffee rituals adds to the wellbeing of your kitchen oasis.

Declutter your space to clear the mind

A decluttered kitchen feels calm, free of visual clutter. Visual clutter doesn't allow your eyes to rest, while hidden clutter, like in drawers and cabinets, can create frustration when it's time to find something. By leveraging open and closed storage, you can hide things out of sight, while also placing commonly used items on display, in a clean and simple way. But be sure anything you are hiding behind closed doors are items you actually use. The best way to declutter is to get rid of anything you don't use, leaving plenty of space for the things that matter and are useful.

This kitchen was designed for calm atmosphere and conscious consumption

Conscious consumption is always top of mind when planning a kitchen. With water saving faucets, waste sorting solutions, smart lighting and energy efficient appliances, you can make a big impact. Natural materials in kitchen fronts, rugs and accessories are not only good for your carbon footprint, but also create a calm sense of harmony through your space.

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