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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Let's celebrate the moms, grandmas, aunts, and special women in our lives with gifts to make her day extra memorable. Whether she loves her gadgets or her garden, here you'll find gift ideas that are sure to please.

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Think beyond gifts for baby

You can't give the gift of sleep, but a cozy armchair, glowing night light, or nursing pillow can make those long nights easier for everyone involved.

Who's the greatest chef in the world?

Your mother, of course! Encourage her culinary passion with tools and treats that make time spent in the kitchen more indulgent and fun. And because it's Mom, you know she'll always be happy to share - preferably, with a sustainably sourced cup of tea.

Because she's fabulous from head to toe

If her life's a runway, chances are that her closet could use some attention. Gift her a standing mirror or closet organizer accessories to easily create an Instagram-worthy wardrobe. Bonus: those vintage pieces you love to borrow will be all the easier to find.

Help her garden grow

You can never go wrong with a Mother's Day bouquet, but if she's a plant whisperer, why not embrace her talents? Whether she has a beloved window box planter or a garden full of vegetables, give her a gift to make it flourish.

A white living room with multiple shelves holding many plants
A living room with a large plant sitting inside a RÅGKORN plant pot

Keep the good vibes going all year long

If your mom loves her gadgets and gizmos galore, consider a tech-friendly desk with tidy compartments to hide cables. Or, if she loves music but your choir days are far behind you, a SYMFONISK WiFi speaker (now compatible with Spotify Free!) can serenade her all day. No earplugs required.

Curios for the keen collector

Sometimes, the best gift is the finishing touch that pulls a space together. Vases are the perfect partner to a Mother's Day bouquet, and wall decor like mirrors or art will add flair to any room.

A side table filled with home decor products.
A room featuring a side table featuring vases, picture frames and a bookshelf.

The flattest gift ever

Some moms seem to have it all. For them, there's the IKEA gift card, available at the link below.

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