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Make yourself. At home.

You know the expression, “make yourself at home”? Well, it means a lot more than you think it does. At IKEA, we believe home can inspire everything from our future careers to our lifelong passions. Home shapes who we become.

So go ahead.

Make yourself. At home.

  • ♪ [winsome, optimistic music plays] ♪
    A young girl stands in a sunlit bedroom, looking at an easel. Cut to her face in closeup as inspiration strikes.

    [Female voice with a Swedish accent begins speaking in voiceover] You know the expression, "Make yourself at home"? We believe it has another meaning.

    The girl begins to paint with energy, brushing bold strokes of magenta pink on the canvas. As the camera pans around the room, we see cheerful chalk drawings of octopi appear on the blackboard side of the easel.

    The day turns to night as the camera moves past several octopus-themed artworks unfurling on the wall, while the girl sleeps in her bed, dimly lit by two lit cloud lamps.

    The night becomes day, and we see the girl's mother helping her into a blue homemade octopus costume with as more paintings unfurl on the walls around them. Smiling, the girl takes a large drawing and sticks it to the wall.

    [V.O.] A simple easel could lead to a bright creative future.

    We zoom into the drawing, which features a pink and purple octopus with large eyes. As we dissolve out, the octopus has become a life-sized puppet in a industrial style office space. The girl, now a young woman, smiles as she spins in her chair over to her desk, and continues designing art for a video game.

    The camera pans across her desk, and into a new space, where a young boy is watering plants in a condo. He tends to the many plants around the room, and as the day turns to evening, the plants flourish and grow swiftly.

    [V.O.] A watering can could blossom into a lifelong passion.

    The boy approaches a pot with his white VATTENKRASSE watering can. As he begins to water the plant, we pan downward into the soil. Water trickles down through the soil, and a seed grows new roots that we follow back upward. The boy, now a young man, waters the plants in a sunny urban rooftop garden.

    The camera pans into a cozy living room space, where a grandfather speaks animatedly to his two grandchildren.

    [V.O.] Home can even inspire you to write your own story, and share it with the world.

    The words 'Once upon a time' appear in script on the white window blind, above the grandfather's head. The words dissolve into the same words being written on a page. The grandfather is writing by the light of a desk lamp in a home office space filled with books and bookshelves.

    [SUPER] RANARP, Work lamp, $39.99.

    Copies of his finished book fly across the room and onto the shelves, as we pan into a bookstore. The grandfather is reading to a group of seated children, who are engrossed by the story. He closes his book and takes off his glasses, smiling.

    [V.O.] Home shapes who we become.

    The children applaud enthusiastically.

    [V.O.] Make yourself. At home.

    Thought bubbles shaped like fluffy clouds appear over the children's heads and light up as the camera pans upward.

    Text on screen - Make yourself. At home.

    [V.O. reads IKEA logo and text on screen] IKEA. The beautiful possibilities.

Let home become a canvas for creativity

At home, everything from easels and Lego bricks to modeling dough and beads offer so room to explore what could become a lifelong passion in the future.

Plant the seeds for a green future

In addition to refreshing our spaces and infusing moments of wellness into our every day, learning how plants grow at home offers us the chance to grow, and nurture future possibilities.

Your story starts here

Lighting up your home does more than just set the perfect ambiance when and where you need it. It also turns your personal lightbulb on, as you discover new skills, ideas and ways to grow into who you’re meant to be.

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