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IKEA Food Click and collect

Click and collect is now available for all of your favourite IKEA Food products found in our Swedish Food Market.

Like our classic Swedish meatballs, sustainably sourced salmon, refreshing beverages and delicious desserts.

Best of all IKEA Swedish Food Market Click and collect is free. Start shopping now. Check out the Click and collect website in the link below to bring home a taste of Sweden.

Please note IKEA Food Click and collect orders cannot be combined with IKEA Click and collect orders placed on

A large table full of IKEA food products

IKEA Food. Dine in and take out

Enjoy tasty, Swedish-style food at your local IKEA restaurant or take it home from the IKEA Swedish Food Market.


A plate of IKEA meatballs

IKEA Family Bonus Meal

Every time you buy 10 meals in the IKEA restaurant and scan your IKEA Family card, you’ll get 1 free meal!

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Close up of kitchen counter, chalkboard behind. Stacked IKEA 365+ food storage containers with bamboo lids.

Who loves leftovers?

We all love to eat, and cooking for fun has become bigger than ever. On the flip side, that can mean an overabundance of food and, unfortunately, a lot of waste. The first law of food waste: if you can see it, you’ll eat it. That’s why neat, transparent food storage is so important. It helps you to keep stock of what food you already have, so you’ll use it before it expires and skip unnecessary extra trips to the supermarket.

Shop IKEA 365+ food storage series