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Home Trends at IKEA

Have you ever wondered what Japandi is? How to get the mid-century modern look without spending on expensive furniture? Or how to tell the difference between modern farmhouse and cottagecore? Grab a cup of tea, sit back, and start browsing. With this guide to our favourite home décor trends of 2021, it’s easy and affordable to get the look for your home at IKEA. Find ideas to fuel a full room refresh, or get inspired to boost the theme of your décor with a few choice additions. Happy trending!

A white sideboard with modern rustic décor including a pie dish, a round loaf of bread, white crockery, and a wooden rail on the wall behind, decorated with a wreath.

Modern farmhouse

With its neutral palette, rustic natural textures, and nostalgic charm, what's not to love about the modern farmhouse trend?  Keep the style warm and personal by incorporating your own treasured kitchen heirlooms or old photographs and oil paintings. Accents in black metal and textured linens help to ground the style, while vintage-inspired décor adds character. And don’t forget the canning jars – if you’re not one for making your own pickles and jams, try using them to store grains or spices.

A serene bedroom with birch furniture, white wall sconces, blue carpeting, and neutral bedding.


If you love clean lines, light woods like bamboo and birch, and pops of rich, inky blue, consider adding a little Japandi style to your space. Japanese and Scandinavian designs share a minimalist aesthetic, so they’re perfect for mixing and matching. Introduce a wabi-sabi element by way of handmade ceramic pottery and rough yet luxurious materials like linen. Scandinavian pieces with practical, no-nonsense designs and geometric shapes add function and a contemporary note. All you need to complete this livable luxury look is some sushi (or Swedish meatballs).

A country chic space with light green walls, a mix of white, pine wood, and wicker furniture, and quirky décor.


At first glance, cottagecore style has a lot in common with the modern farmhouse trend. However, although there’s plenty of crossover between these cozy styles, they are distinct. Cottagecore is light and bright overall, while modern farmhouse plays better with dark furniture and accent pieces. Cottagecore also brings a touch of whimsy to the table – think decorating with string lights, old-fashioned nature studies, knitted afghans or floral wallpaper. It’s about romanticizing the little things in life. Like tiny houses, tending to your plant babies, an afternoon spent baking sweets, and enjoying the scent of fresh laundry. Granny chic, move over – the grandmillennial trend is here to stay.

Two navy blue velvet STOCKHOLM sofas placed on a boldly patterned rug, in a living room with mid-century style accents.

Mid-century modern

Mid-century modern décor calls to mind a particular style of furniture - think gleaming walnut finishes, airy designs, and rounded shapes. But you don’t have to invest in new sofas or tables to the get this transitional style-friendly look – you can get in on the fun with accessories, too. Consider a rug or cushion in a bold geometric pattern, a throw blanket in seventies-inspired colours like olive green or sienna orange, or decorative items with a sculptural look. Pendant and table lamps in unusual, eye-catching shapes can go a long way too. As a finishing touch, rescue your vinyl records from the basement and crank up your dad’s old turntable for an authentic way to set the mid-century mood.

A boho chic multipurpose living space with string lights, several hanging plants, eclectic décor, and boho wicker accents.

Bohemian glam

The beauty of boho décor is that it’s intensely personal. Almost anything you love can find a place – whether it’s decorative items from your travels, oversized floor cushions, or random rattan furniture. Imagine a look that’s layered and lived-in, a rhapsody of colour and pattern, with everything joyfully combined in a carefree way. Plants hang from the ceiling, and hints of glam and old Hollywood style add sophistication. Why not indulge your maximalist style side and go boho?