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FÖSSTA collection

Invite a little luck into your home

With the FÖSSTA range of home accessories, you’ll find plenty of ways to express yourself and spread some joy this Lunar New Year. Think about small touches that will make your guests smile, and invite a little luck, prosperity and happiness into your home all year long.

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FÖSSTA paper decoration hanging from ceiling
    Decorative branch sitting in clear vase on side table. FÖSSTA decorations hanging off branches
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      Spring renewal

      Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the ideal time to bring a breath of freshness into your home. Renew your living room or bedroom with plum blossom prints in subtle shades inspired by traditional Chinese ink and brush paintings.

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      Window lit living room in small living space. FÖSSTA decorations around space.
        FÖSSTA pillow sitting on beige sofa
        FÖSSTA table runner on wood coffee table
        FÖSSTA box on living room floor with blankets draped over edge
        FÖSSTA pillow sitting on armchair
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        Lighten the mood

        As day turns to night the lanterns in the FÖSSTA collection come alive, creating a spectacular focal point and setting the right mood for a celebration.

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        FÖSSTA paper decorations hanging from ceiling
          FÖSSTA deorative lampshade and string lights on window sil
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            The art of the Tang Dynasty

            While it’s your food that will bring everyone together, it’s your decor that will make them want to stay. With embossed geometric patterns inspired by the art of the Tang Dynasty, the FÖSSTA range of plates and bowls are as beautiful as they are useful.

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            FÖSSTA dining set and place sets on wooden dining room table
              FÖSSTA decorative bowl sitting on dining room table
              Small FÖSSTA glasses sitting on dining room table
              White FÖSSTA dining set place setting
              FÖSSTA small decorative bowls
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