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Leave less behind this Christmas

Christmas can often be a time of increased consumption, but it’s easy to make more sustainable choices at your party with IKEA.

Make the tablecloth part of the entertainment

A dream for the inner artists – 30 metres of drawing paper, felt tip pens and plenty of Christmas spirit.

Stackable extra seating

Stackable stools are a great little accent to your festive atmosphere that comes in handy when you need extra seating for guests.

Make your table decoration part of your gift

Give your table decorations a life beyond the festive season – by making it part of your gift. Tea towels used as napkins are a great gift for your guests to take away and use throughout the year.
Gifting plants is also a sustainable and wonderful way to share your love of plants and giving a present that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

A little extra living room sparkle

Create more space in the table

Use a tray with two levels to create more space on the table for all the things you enjoy such as snacks, appetisers, and desserts.

Make the tableware part of the meal

Minimise washing-up and waste by serving party food that offers its own eatable containers, like canapés and other finger food. Serve on a chopping board or platter and watch them disappear into thin air.

Make the packaging and feast part of your gift

Use food storage containers, reusable bottles, and shopping bags as a takeaway gift for leftovers that guests can take home and joy.