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We're a bunch of softies

It's the soft, fluffy textiles that make a place your own – with a rug in your favourite colour or curtains you've sewn yourself. Where getting a new look is as easy as changing your bed linens. A place that invites you to get comfy and stay a while. All of the things that bring a home to life.

Small effort. Big impact.
Display of cushion covers and cushions in different sizes and with different patterns
You don’t need to pull out the paintbrush to give your home a bright, fresh new look. With a few cushions and some well placed rugs, it’s easy to give your indoors a refreshing makeover in no time at all.
See more cushions & cushion coversSee more rugs OSTED Rug, flatwoven $69         NÄVVIVA Cushion $5.99 NÄVVIVA Cushion $5.99 NÄVVIVA Cushion $5.99 NÄVVIVA Cushion $5.99
Creative combinations
Display of cushion covers and cushions in different sizes and coloursSee more cushions & cushion covers
With options for everything from colourful prints to traditional patterns, it’s easy to freshen up the home with our wide range of cushion and cushion covers. And with different sizes and shapes it’s easy to mix and match exactly the way you want.
      KNAPPSÄV Cushion $5.99
24 inspiring ideas with textiles
Bedroom with IKEA bed, sidetables, chest of drawers all in wood.A bedouin-style tent over a balcony. There is a person lying on the soft drinking tea with candles on the floor and table to add cosiness. A bird’s eye view of layers of black and white rugs in different textures and with different patterns on the floor or a living room.Bedroom with IKEA bed, sidetables, chest of drawers all in wood.A living room with a blue and brown checked sofa with brown and white checked cushions on top, a blue and brown checked foot stool in front on top of a brown rug and a brown arm chair to the left side.

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  • Rugs & textiles to enhance your home

    Welcome to a world of choices about how your home will look and how comfortable it will feel! With our big range of rugs and other textiles, you can up the comfort level of any room and give it the look you like. And you can change the look whenever you want, without breaking the bank. Check out our wide choice of styles and materials, in everything from cushions and throws to spice up your sofa to duvet covers and curtains to refresh your bedroom. If you want a little inspiration about how you can use textiles to enhance your home, have a look at our Room Ideas.

  • Mix or match your textiles

    Textiles are fun and easy to mix and match. But going for a very coordinated look is easy, too, because most of our textiles belong to collections. Look out for names like ALVINE, a collection inspired by textiles and patterns from the 18th century. Or the HENNY bedroom collection by designer Kazuyo Nomura, with its calming colours and designs. And if calming designs aren’t enough to give you a good night’s sleep, maybe you should check out our duvets and pillows. From bedroom to kitchen, you’ll find textiles for everywhere in your home and everyone – you can find lots to choose from for your baby or child, too, from soft towels to colourful rugs.