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Celebration time: entertaining at home for less

You’ve got your closest crew and a reason to celebrate (and even that’s not mandatory!). Now all that’s left to do is get this party started. Here are some ways to put on a memorable bash for your near and dear, that won’t put a big dent in your bank balance.

A decked-out black-and-white dining area with brown-black STEFAN chairs and MARIUS stools round two white MELLTORP tables.
A decked-out black-and-white dining area with brown-black STEFAN chairs and MARIUS stools round two white MELLTORP tables.

Tip 1: Consider a plant-based menu

If you're cooking for a crowd of famished friends, planning your main around the VÄRLDSKLOK plant mince is a mouth-watering start for any number of dishes, from plant-based burgers and balls, to bolognese or tacos. VÄRLDSKLOK tastes like meat but is made from plant protein, meaning you'll be making a more sustainable choice - and a delicious, budget-friendly one at that!

A worktop filled with ingredients in the middle of cooking prep, a RINNIG tea towel, and a bag of VÄRLDSKLOK plant mince.

Tip 2: use basic dinnerware as your base

Simple white crockery and clear glassware will always serve you well, no matter the occasion. They're also easy to dress up in different ways, so your table can look different every time. Here, they fit right in with the bold, black and white tablecloth, as well as the vintage cutlery and accessories layered on top.

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A section of a table decked out for celebration, with white OFTAST plates, POKAL wine glasses, and beige UPPHÖJD cutlery.
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Tip 3: look to nature for inspiration

Fresh flowers from the florist can cost a pretty penny, but that’s not the only way to add natural beauty to your table. A few foraged branches or garden blooms look just as lovely, as do dried grasses, pine cones, or anything else you cross paths with on an afternoon walk.

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A decked-out dining area with brown-black STEFAN chairs round two white MELLTORP tables. Black SKURUP pendants hang above.
A single black SKURUP pendant lamp hanging with withered leaves suspended as decoration above and around it.
A corner of a decked-out table with white OFTAST plates and beige UPPHÖJD cutlery. Beneath stands a white MARIUS stool.
A tabletop with an IKEA 365+ clear-glass carafe with a cork, cutlery gathered in a glass jar, and two flowers in a vase.
Candles and napkins filling a KNAGGLIG pine box placed on a dark wood floor next to a larger KNAGGLIG box with bottles.
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Tip 4: make the most of your space

Even a small dining area can accommodate a large group of loved ones... all it takes is a bit of planning ahead. A stack of these stools for extra guests takes up almost no room at all, nor does the backup table waiting on the wall.

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Stacked white MARIUS stools stand by a white-tiled wall in a black-and-white-themed kitchen.
Art and an extra table held by black picture ledges on a white wall, the table legs in black HULTARP kitchen-roll holders.
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